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Sep 2018
Sep 14 2018 15:07
I updated the rig two weeks ago to latest Dev. I also
Sep 14 2018 15:13
Added the code to check the wifi connection in cron.
Since then, the rig stops working from around 1 am to 4:30 am and reconnects automatically. How can i disable the cron?
Sep 14 2018 21:03
I have "No recent valid BG" also from 1am till 4:30 or so
Scott Leibrand
Sep 14 2018 21:39
You can comment out the 3 line if clause that calls oref0-online in oref0-cron-every-minute, or find the offending thing in oref0-online and comment that out.
Sep 14 2018 21:57
Thanks Scott
Sep 14 2018 22:50
@scottleibrand do you know if any recent changes to dev that could be causing increased rig battery use? My rig battery doesn’t last 6 hours and it seems the node process is consistently running between 85-102% of CPU.