These are chat archives for nightscout/intend-to-bolus

Sep 2018
Zach Gohr
Sep 19 2018 03:10
Dana Lewis
Sep 19 2018 03:15
Oooh purple
Cas Eliëns
Sep 19 2018 07:23
@scottleibrand I'm not sure what you mean by checking how profile.json is normally generated, I only copied some files over from the myopenaps directory and ran autotune on those and then it worked, wouldn't the nightly autotune use the same files?
Cas Eliëns
Sep 19 2018 08:00
I think I'm gonna re-install my pi and see if that works, because wherever else I install openaps it works fine
Sep 19 2018 10:43
For those using Energizer Ultimate Lithiums, how often do you change your battery? I had been doing it with every set change every 3 days but am starting to think I could just do it every 6 days/ every other time
Sep 19 2018 11:51
I change every sixth day.
Jon Cluck
Sep 19 2018 15:44
Mine lasts 8-9 days