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Sep 2018
Boris and Kayley Raskin
Sep 26 2018 01:41
That you @scottleibrand! We will let you know if we are able to come up with anything regarding bluetooth!
Sep 26 2018 02:30
Can you, please, help me to troubleshoot my problem. I have 722 pump+mdt cgm running. Up to date oref0 master and ns successfully configured and running for 3 months.
But today my ns is cancelled to show blood glucose graphs. And opens at the same time does not looping
Blood glucose pill is refreshed, but number in it is stricketroughed
Scott Leibrand
Sep 26 2018 02:36
Check the OpenAPS docs troubleshooting page: your mongo collection is probably full.
Sep 26 2018 02:37
It's checked - 240 db disk size, and db size is much less then 500
Currently 187
I have run the repair shop command, but this does not solved the problem. Future
Zach Gohr
Sep 26 2018 02:42
recently nightscout crashed on me (for the first time ever) and i had to restart it. make sure all nightscout logs look good
Sep 26 2018 02:42
Accidentally problem solved by self
Right now
I have restart ns 30 minutes ago
Zach Gohr
Sep 26 2018 02:43
Sep 26 2018 02:44
The only effective way was to ask for help here :)
Thank you and good bye
The other thing was manual bolus of 1,3 made from pump. Maybe this can help someone with the same strange problem
Tim Street
Sep 26 2018 05:24
@scottleibrand quick question on autosens - if at current time, cob are found autosens retries a sens ratio of 1. Is that a correct statement?
Tim Street
Sep 26 2018 10:11
Ignore that. Just run through the log again and realise I’m wrong.
It’s using most recent 64 events of last eight and last 24 hours and deciding based on those whether >50% are one way or the other, then using the amount of variation across those points compared to what is expected to decide what the ratio should be if there is sensitivity showing.
And as the last 64 events age, it pads out with zeroes where there are excluded events to reduce the significance of older events.
So it should converge to 1.
Sep 26 2018 11:23
I used oref0-runagain on the dev branch 2 days ago and I was surprised that my preferences were reset to their default. Does anyone know if this was always the behaviour or were existing preferences kept when running setup again on master branch?
Jon Cluck
Sep 26 2018 11:37
@alimhassam they get reset too
Sep 26 2018 11:37
is that intended? would anyone mind if i try to change it to keep existing preferences?
Sep 26 2018 11:53
@alimhassam some pros and cons either way. If a problem is caused by a bad preference and the prefs are saved, runagain wouldn't fix it.
Sep 26 2018 11:54
maybe we can suggest to delete the existing preferences.json file before calling oref0-runagain in case we want a full reset of the preferences?
Sep 26 2018 11:57
I have struggled with having my preferences reset without me realizing it. I keep on forgetting it does this. Why? I forget because it is unexpected to erase someone’s preferences.
Sep 26 2018 12:01
thanks @rsilvers129 i'll do a pr to change the behavior. After my change existing preferences will be kept, except the preferences that were explicitely set by the setup script (max_iob, etc). It will also add any missing defaults that haven't already been set. I think this should be less surprising behaviour.
Tim Street
Sep 26 2018 15:03
@alimhassam that’s normal behaviour. Best thing to do is update the run-again script to ask if someone wants to retain their existing preferences, with default=Y
Sep 26 2018 15:25
@tim2000s feel free to comment on my pull request. I could add a 'reset default preferences' option which will delete existing preferences but I don't know if it's needed.
Sep 26 2018 17:58
hi everyone, i have a medtronic 522 pump on the way and getting ready to close the loop. just wondering what the general consensus is on the hardware for the rig. is the ExplorerHAT with Pi the new standard?
just want to be sure i am following the latest build recommendations, thanks!
that's the latest docs ;) so if you're following that, you're good! it describes the two main hardware options that are supported in the docs right now.
Sep 26 2018 18:17
Thanks @danamlewis are there any YouTube videos showing how to assemble the rig?
Dana Lewis
Sep 26 2018 18:19
not afaik? If you do one, that would be great to PR into the docs :)
Sep 26 2018 18:30
Hi Scott, I have a general question about oref0 design
What do you think about modular design for oref0, at least I see three elements core, cgm and pump modules. If you implement well documented api between these elements, it may speed up the development and at least make possible to create a working groups which will develop these parts.
Walt Palmer
Sep 26 2018 23:01
Hi, this is a pretty basic question, but just got a new Edison and Explorer Board, and I'm trying to flash it with jubilinux. When I get to the step about running "sudo screen /dev/tty.usbserial-* 115200" the output I receive is different than that in the example. Specifically, instead of returning "edison login:" it returns "FZEDC711D00AJA501 login:" which I'm assuming is the serial number of the Edison? Either way, it doesn't accept "root" as a username without a password or root/edison to login. Any ideas? This was a second hand Edison, is it possible there is still a password in place from the previous owner?
Sep 26 2018 23:29
I have a question regarding the configuration that I would like to run: (I intend to have one pump for the day not controlled by oaps, and one for the night with oaps).
So, how will open aps know what carbs have been eaten before pump switch and what boluses were given before pump switch. (actually maybe some boluses should also continue ... for example, if he eats a pizza and that means that we give 60 carbs for 3 hours, and we switch pumps after one hour).
Can it take that information from NS? will I have to manually insert that?