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Sep 2018
Sep 30 2018 00:02
@Xabeth it depends on the local modifications that were done, but first option is most likely fine.
Sep 30 2018 00:05
@alimhassam I'm actually a bit confused by what local modifications it thinks were done. I'm rebuilding from scratch
Sep 30 2018 00:09
I would choose the first option then
Sep 30 2018 00:40
I am getting this radio error

2018 with 24 second wait_for_silence:
Waiting up to 4 minutes for new BG: ls: cannot access /tmp/pump_loop_completed: No such file or directory
mmeowlink.exceptions.CommsException: Could not get subg_rfspy state or version. Have you got the right port/device and radio_type?

Radio check failed. mmeowlink.exceptions.CommsException: Could not get subg_rfspy state or version. Have you got the right port/device and radio_type?

The CC111x is located at /dev/spidev5.1

Broadcast message from root@unilinux (Sun 2018-09-30 03:36:27 +03):

Rebooting to fix radio errors!
The system is going down

For the past 5 hours
Any idea how to@fix it
Sep 30 2018 01:17
Fixed it found the solution.
Martin Haeberli
Sep 30 2018 03:35
sudo bt-pan client 40:98:ad:78:3d:57
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/local/bin/bt-pan", line 228, in <module>
    if __name__ == '__main__': sys.exit(main())
  File "/usr/local/bin/bt-pan", line 188, in main
    dev_remote = find_device(opts.remote_addr, devs.values()[0])
  File "/usr/local/bin/bt-pan", line 53, in find_device
    return find_device_in_objects(get_manager().GetManagedObjects(), device_address, adapter_pattern)
  File "/usr/local/bin/bt-pan", line 68, in find_device_in_objects
    raise BTError('Bluetooth device not found')
__main__.BTError: Bluetooth device not found
trying to understand what broke...
Martin Haeberli
Sep 30 2018 03:44
maybe a broken Edison ...
Tim Street
Sep 30 2018 08:19
@mhaeberli I assume it was previously paired?
Martin Haeberli
Sep 30 2018 17:22
yes, previously paired...
I got it working - illogically enough, by changing Explorer boards
Sep 30 2018 19:08
Hi, wondering if someone can help me, Im just got my Libre today and Im using glimp to upload to nightscout. Using nfc scans for now until I order the MiaoMiao, however, one of the problems I have is that I dont see all the graph but only the points in time when I scanned. In Glimp I do see thw whole graph.
This is what I see on nightscout
Sep 30 2018 19:24
@orbarya looks like a Glimp issue, you can try xDrip
Sep 30 2018 19:27
@norbertgaal thank you i will try soon, although I do see the continuous data in Glimp
Sep 30 2018 19:28
@orbarya Looks like Glimp is not uploading historical data. I don't know Gimp so I have no idea if this is a setting or a bug. I don't think many uses it here, we use xDrip mostly
Sep 30 2018 20:20
Thanks for the advi e @norbertgaal , I installed xDrip plus, but does it support Libre without bluetooth data source, I just want to scan with nfc for now until I order my MiaoMiao
Sep 30 2018 20:26
yes, it supports nfc scanning as well
Martin Haeberli
Sep 30 2018 20:59

just did a oref0-runagain on a PiHAT rig.

Dexcom G4 Share serial not provided: continuing

(this path looks unusually long; where is it stored so I can reduce its size?)

Sep 30 2018 21:02

Too lazy to track down who's blindly adding to PATH, but here's what I've used for many years in my bash profile to avoid duplicate entries:

on_path() {
    for dir in ${PATH//:/ }; do
        if [ $1 = $dir ]; then
            return 0
    return 1

append_to_path() {
    on_path $1 || PATH=$PATH:$1

prepend_to_path() {
    on_path $1 || PATH=$1:$PATH

append_to_path /usr/local/sbin
append_to_path /usr/sbin
append_to_path /sbin


Jon Cluck
Sep 30 2018 21:34
@mhaeberli it's in ~/.bash_profile
Martin Haeberli
Sep 30 2018 21:35
thx @cluckj @ecc1
Jon Cluck
Sep 30 2018 21:37
@ecc1 it was meeeee
it should be removing duplicates, and only adding it to path once though?