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Oct 2018
Tore Bjørndalen
Oct 03 2018 08:20
Man, it's so good to be back on an Edison rig again since my EB board gave in months ago. Ordered a new one. It now seems blistering fast compared to the PiZero. Glad I got hold of a handful of Edisons. Back to "normal" battery siz2e again :)
Oct 03 2018 08:21
@BjoTore_twitter what operations are slow in the pi zero?
Tore Bjørndalen
Oct 03 2018 08:25
the loop is much faster. I think that the history retrieval is much to blame. Just my thinking since I've seen a number of retries and it makes the looping start late or delays it. WW pump issue?
Raymond Richmond
Oct 03 2018 19:25
Am I missing something or is there no real time clock with the edison on the explorer?
Every time I reboot I have to console in to set the time so I can connect to my work wifi (certificate verification of the authentication server requires correct time.
Never noticed it at home as pre shared key doesn't care so much then ntp runs.
I mean I know there is a RTC, but even with battery connected it's behaving funny. I'm just getting frustrated. ;)