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Oct 2018
Jeremy Cunningham
Oct 06 2018 00:24
@peterfulvi, it looks as though npm has not installed the yargs package.
what errors do you get from:
cd ~/src/oref0
npm run global-install
Oct 06 2018 02:01
@jpcunningh i dont know until tomorrow night. Thanks
Linus H.
Oct 06 2018 16:24
I am using a Rpi 3, a carelink usb and a supported medtronic pump. openAPS is installed on the Rpi and now I want to know how i can see, that the communication between pump and pi is successfull while using MDT as cgm method and no bg on pump (because there is ne senor yet). The log says : " ... Preflight OK.
Attempting to retrieve MDT CGM data from pump ... "
"... Couldn't if_mdt_get_bg ..."
Jon Cluck
Oct 06 2018 16:25
If preflight was okay, that means the communication worked
Linus H.
Oct 06 2018 16:25
Okay thanks !