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Oct 2018
Martin Haeberli
Oct 20 2018 00:03
ok sadly i’m going to throw away my device status because open humans etc doesnt seem to work and i have to get looping again
Martin Haeberli
Oct 20 2018 00:09
also why after cleanup: Sandbox Size 98.50 MB Size on disk 240.00 MB
Dana Lewis
Oct 20 2018 00:38
@mhaeberli yea link is correct, app is down/broken. Waiting for James to investigate because I am not the owner of the heroku account. Thanks for trying to donate though!
Martin Haeberli
Oct 20 2018 00:50
Ok, thx
Oct 20 2018 00:58
Is there documentation on how users can download a mongodb backup to their local PC? and then it should be possible to donate to open humans from that, later, not in the critical path for database cleanup
Martin Haeberli
Oct 20 2018 01:36
@ecc1 :+1: i like that idea also!
my understanding is that there are ways to do it but my mongo mojo is lacking
Cameron Chunn
Oct 20 2018 03:59
I've reached the end of my knowledge and need help. My edison was not working earlier so I screen'd in and found it in kernel panic (I guess I rebooted it blindly before doing this). This has happened in the past and I had to reflash. Well - now i've reflashed it (seemingly successfully) multiple times and its still panicking.
Its failing with /sbin/init: relocation error: /sbin/init: symbol cleaj_ipc_"q_�id, version SD_SHARED not defined in file with link time reference
Only thing I can think at this point is that maybe my MMC flash is corrupted in some way that simple reflashes isn't fixing?
I tried googling, but the Edison platform is impossible to find answers for ... anyone know of a way to hard-wipe everything on the MMC and truly start from scratch?
Oct 20 2018 10:11
Hello all, did anyone make a comparison between autotune results from oref0 and the one from autotuneweb ? I made the try and I don't have the same results....
Oct 20 2018 13:07
@mhaeberli I ended up just rerunning oref install and that cleaned up whatever files were corrupt and everything started working again
Oct 20 2018 16:26
So I’m trying to run autotune on my Mac but when I run it, it somehow changes the carb ratio I had put it the profile for my pump settings from 15 to 100. Any ideas why it would be doing that?
Dana Lewis
Oct 20 2018 16:45
@Kywalh there's a known issue with web not applying timezones correctly, so I would locally run version instead
Oct 20 2018 16:58
Just realized I also had to edit autotune.json and pumpprofile.json since I accidentally entered 100 instead of 15 in profile.json the first time around.
Dana Lewis
Oct 20 2018 17:19
@Ashley112885 :+1: or re-copy next time
Martin Haeberli
Oct 20 2018 17:49
@dmdfreak glad to hear it! I suspect that a new commit to dev by @scottleibrand did the trick!
Oct 20 2018 18:45
hi all, each time i run oref0-setup i get the following error message: Removing any existing git in /root/myopenaps/.git Removed any existing git Checking openaps 0.2.1 installation with --nogit support openaps 0.2.1-dev Checking /root/myopenaps: mkdir: cannot create directory ‘/root/myopenaps’: File exists /root/myopenaps initialized usage: openaps-alias show [-h] [--ini] [--json] [{}] openaps-alias show: error: argument name: invalid choice: '*' (choose from ) /root/src/oref0/ already exists; pulling latest Already up-to-date.
what is that mean?
Oct 20 2018 18:49
One other question about autotune, ran cat-autotune on my rig today and noticed there is a “days missing” column, curious what that actually means?
Scott Leibrand
Oct 20 2018 18:54
That’s how many days we interpolated that hour instead of having data to tune it.
(Because there was carb absorption going on)
Oct 20 2018 20:19
Oct 20 2018 23:26
I have noticed that once pump battery was low, pump continued to work, but no connection with oaps has happened. Is this expected?