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Oct 2018
Ivica Suran
Oct 27 2018 07:03
@Whynot2018_gitlab this is more connection problem. Carelink is not recommended.
Ivica Suran
Oct 27 2018 07:57
@Whynot2018_gitlab try to do setup again, and only press enter for port
Oct 27 2018 08:05
my rig hung a few times due to kernel panics, so i set this variable in sysctl.conf and i think it just saved me from another hang - has anyone else experimented with this?
meat of it is here if you don't want to click the link:
vi /etc/sysctl.conf
# When kernel panic’s, reboot after 10 second delay
kernel.panic = 10
Ivica Suran
Oct 27 2018 08:43
motor error tips and tricks anyone. Pump is rewinded, but my 722 tries to rewind again, so it's probably some sensor error.
Why not
Oct 27 2018 09:37

Hmm This's how I set it up

:~/myopenaps# cat 
To run again with these same options, use: 
oref0-setup --dir=/root/myopenaps --serial=XXXXXX --cgm=G5-upload --ns-host= --api-secret=XXXXXXX --tty=/dev/ttyUSB.Carelink0 --max_iob=7 --enable=' autosens autotune meal ' --ww_ti_usb_reset='yes' --radio_locale='WW' --btmac='xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:x'

And for Explorer and all other boards I have No selected.I try with empty --tty

Why not
Oct 27 2018 09:51
@isuran did you check this link there is a motor error explanation.
Ivica Suran
Oct 27 2018 10:28
@Whynot2018_gitlab yep, didn't help
Oct 27 2018 15:27
Hi guys i asked @scottleibrand some more questions after several weeks of using OpenAPS. Maybe these answers will be interesting for other, too. So here is a snapshot of the kind of "interview" :)
Why not
Oct 27 2018 20:23
Did someone ever tried to improve the range of Carelink with the PCB Hirose U.FL smd soldered and then with wire whip U.FL antenna added?
Why not
Oct 27 2018 20:31
Scott Leibrand
Oct 27 2018 23:39
Why bother when you can just get an Explorer?