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Nov 2018
Chas Couchman
Nov 07 2018 09:34
Hi all, just saying hello. Met Kev Winchcombe yesterday and I'm very keen to get looping ;-)
Dana Lewis
Nov 07 2018 14:58
@Bartonblues_twitter welcome! 👋🏼
Nov 07 2018 17:54
If I get the message "packet_write_wait: Connection to 192.... port 22: Broken pipe" while updating dev branch, will it continue to install although I have lost connection to the rig via ssh? In that case, how can I check that the install was correct?
Dana Lewis
Nov 07 2018 19:06
(yes my guess would be lost connectivity, so if it doesn't look like a full dev install or something's not working right, I'd try again)