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Nov 2018
Nov 14 2018 11:19
hi, im having some issues with openAPS on raspberry pi zero, sometimes i dont know why, it kill all processes but raspberry can't reboot software automatically, i only can reboot it manually with switch. Look my pump-loop.log from last night
Sin título.png
and the "reboot" command doesnt work when I execute it, that is right?
Raymond Richmond
Nov 14 2018 15:09
Ok, stepping into a space filled with opinions but I'd like to see if there is any general consensus in people here. I'm currently looping with a 722 and have coverage for a pump here in Canada. I tried the 630 and to say the least I was underwhelmed. I'm considering moving "officially" to the omnipod on the thinking that quite soon the last of the configuration control issues will be figured out and have a covered option that is loopable. Eventually potentially even with the same edison rig I have today. Am I not thinking clearly on something here? Or is it really going to be just up to personal preferences (I don't care about tubed vs. tubeless, etc.)?
Ryan Dalisky
Nov 14 2018 15:30
The Omnipod research has been going on for a long time, I wouldn’t pull the trigger until there is at least an alpha stage setup available. It may take longer than you think. That’s just my $0.02 though.
Raymond Richmond
Nov 14 2018 15:32
Of course always a risk. I've been following the progress and currently I guage it as about February to be "ready". I"m also not looking for as polished as some are as I"m not afraid to troubleshoot in depth or dive into the code. This of course is still assuming "steady progress without painful surprises" in the development path.
Raymond Richmond
Nov 14 2018 15:44
But your point @rdalisky is exactly what I need to be reminded of.
Nov 14 2018 15:53
I'm in a slightly similar situation, I have two loopable pumps that are working well but both have minor display issues (on one of them the display goes out every day or so but continues working, the other had some static on the screen) so I feel like they are probably only good for another several months.
I'm hoping those pumps make it to the Control-IQ release from Tandem currently scheduled for summer 2019 as that seems almost as good as current OpenAPS implementation, minus customization but less work for me. Omnipod Horizon AP isn't slated until second half of 2020.
How close is the opensource looping on Omnipod work? I also thought there was still a lot to do.
Also, curious if anyone else has experience with display issues on loopable pumps/garbled screen/etc. Hasn't impacted functionality for me at all, so I'm just curious if anyone else has looped for a while with them. I really don't want to have to go the route of trying to obtain another loopable pump.
Dana Lewis
Nov 14 2018 16:16
@PedanticAvenger your choice for omnipod and diy will be Loop (with a rileylinks, driven by iOS - different algo than OpenAPS), or AndroidAPS (with a rileylinks, driven by android phone, same algo/feature as OpenAPS). I doubt anyone will do the work with an Edison or Pi rig, but sometimes community members surprise me ;)
@live4sw probably at least a few months?
Raymond Richmond
Nov 14 2018 16:25
@danamlewis AndroidAPS doesnt bother me too much but i have been mulling that as a consideration. And enough people have "habits" with rigs i wouldn't be surprised to see a cross-port
Scott Leibrand
Nov 14 2018 16:26
@x3nr1qu3x if reboot doesn’t work you have a pibakery issue, and should re-flash with a better image if you can’t easily fix it another way.
Nov 14 2018 16:31
Thank you
Then it's a pibakery issue, it should works fine with that command then? I will re-flash it
Dana Lewis
Nov 14 2018 18:02
@PedanticAvenger true. we shall see! but it would likely definitely be the third option in terms of time frame
Nov 14 2018 22:03
Good evening. I’m trying to get my rig to use my iPhone WiFi hotspot. I’ve added it in the edit WiFi dialogue and it appears on my phone,but it is clearly not connecting to the internet.
Any suggestions? Am I missing something?
Dave Acklam
Nov 14 2018 22:13
Rig -> Phone (hotspot or home network) connectivity is configured by changing '/etc/wpa_supplicant.conf'

(at least that's the back-end Linux way of doing it)
You add a network={

They are !!case sensitive!!

Question for you (or anyone else)
Has anyone managed to run their NS instance on their rig (Edison)?

New job (Boeing), and my office is cell-signal and wifi free (on purpose)... Would like to have some reports to show my doc that don't have big 8hr gaps in them every day at work...

Of course, neither xdrip nor (AFIK) OpenAPS cache failed-due-to-no-signal uploads... So...

Scott Leibrand
Nov 14 2018 23:26
nobody does that AFAIK. probably better to focus on getting backfilled data (CGM and pumphistory) uploaded each day when you get home