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Jan 2019
Jan 02 15:18
Multiple daily targets don't mess up anything with OpenAPS right (e.g., with autotune?). Considering adding a slightly more aggressive daytime target. Very basic question but the docs don't really say anything about it.
Kind of embarrassing not to know this almost 3 years in, but have always just used one target (115-115)
Sulka Haro
Jan 02 16:08
What's the best current forum for AAPS glitches? A Finnish user is asking me what's up with the carb reporting in NS - looks like the latest AAPS release uploads all bolus wizard treatments twice to Nightscout. One copy with the manual BG entry from the Wizard and one without the BG, but with insulin and carbs present. The timeline UI hides this as the treatments are rendered on top of each other but the day to day reporting shows double carbs and double insulin for boluses. Anyone else see this? Would this cause data duplication if xDrip or AAPS loads data back from Nightscout?
Jeremy Cunningham
Jan 02 16:10
Scott Leibrand
Jan 02 17:22
Andrew: no, autotune doesn’t care about targets. More generally, it doesn’t care why/how insulin was delivered, just how much and when, and what BG did in response.
Jan 02 18:04
Great, thanks, that makes total sense now that I think about it. I've been meaning to try a lower daytime target than nighttime for a while, so I will give that a try and see how it goes.