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Jan 2019
Jan 11 00:11
Ok @PedanticAvenger I found that my ip seems to be via BT-PAN
so will add this to my xdrip
and then give it a shot!
so I got my case 3d printed, and I must say, i absolutely love it
Jan 11 13:41
I am finding that my local hosted minisite on the rig doesn't display my bg
althugh it appears my rig knows my bg as it is making decisions apparantly correctly
any debugging ideas?
Jan 11 18:08
I am stuck on the heroku/mongo addressing in xdrip. I got the data its just the translation of what username and password. My system is built. Slow processes if you don't get help... help. Anyone SF/East Bay willing to share in person. Happy to buy you a nice lunch! Techy nurse so I'm a fun and quick study. Cheers.
Jan 11 18:39
@renegadeandy Have you carefully double checked the entry for your rig in XDrip alongside your Heroku site? Which version of openAps are you running?
Jan 11 18:55
@Alzibiff yes checked, and is correct
for instance now, the rig is on wifi
and hooked up to my nightscout
but its still showing up as 0.0
Raymond Richmond
Jan 11 19:52
Anyone else have issues with dhclient local lease file on edison regularly getting corrupted, particularly with the BT interface?
I have to go in at least once a month and reset the leases file or it won't get an IP from my phone. Frankly I'd rather just try to force it statically.
Jan 11 20:41
@renegadeandy I’m no expert but if your rig isnt on the phone’s network, it is not going to get any data from xDrip via the two addresses which you have set up.
Jan 11 20:43

Surely it is.

I have a publically addressable nightscout on the internet.

I have the local nightscout interface running on the rig.

xDrip has both, and will be updating the first and second i believe.

My openaps rig is currently hooked up to the internet, and is asking nightscout for BG data, which it is retrieving no problem. Therefore it just needs to populate the read figure, into this little webpage, which doesn't appear to be working.