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Jan 2019
Andrew Kirkby
Jan 15 00:11
Call me old school but I've got a sublime text doc stored on dropbox with my runagain info.. That way if I need to gut the rig while I'm out and about, I just need that line and should be back up and running.. I'm shuffling two pumps now so I have one config for each..
So everything in openaps references that file. I wasn't sure if logger etc used the same reference as I'm using that for fake meter based BG values..
Jon Cluck
Jan 15 00:30
yep, it does
Jan 15 01:05
Hi all! A bit offtopic but does anyone have at the moment problems of logging in to the Nightscout? Mine says that the API secret is wrong even it's not.
Jan 15 14:10
BT Tether problem since swopping over to a Dexcom G6. My rig will no longer attach to my Android phone after changing to the G6 yesterday any ideas? The only difference I can see is that I now have two paired devices in my BT settings: The Dexcom and my openAPS rig whereas before the MiaoMiao device worked but somehow never seem to be BT paired. Totally bemused. Another thing which I have noticed is that the rig connects and disconnects whenever I take a look at my BT settings on the phone. It fails to get an I/p address though. Really odd as the rig was BT tethering fine before and all I have done is changed one BT CGM device for another.
Jan 15 19:24
@Alzibiff what phone are you using?
Jan 15 20:07
Moto G5
it worked flawlessly when I was using the MiaoMiao device so I know that the phone has BT tethering ability.
Jan 15 21:26

Early days but I think that I may have sorted it by changing some of the default settings which I will document below. My rig is now receiving data via a BT PAN (tethered) connection to my phone which in turn is taking my BG and treatment data from Nightscout. My NS site is being populated with BG values read by my G6 sensor and fed into XDrip+ (latest build taken from the repository yesterday). These are the options which I unticked - found from the Settings menu item and then via “Less Common Settings”. (Some settings via further submenus).

Aggressive Service Restarts unticked
Use excessive wakelocks unticked
Samsung workarounds unticked (I am using a Moto G5 phone)
Bluetooth wakelocks unticked

Note that I unticked all of the above in one visit - maybe in the interests of science I should have done them one at a time but had any of them caused the G6 collector to fail, my plan was to revisit and enable them one at a time until things started working again.