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Jan 2019
Jan 17 02:16
Hi all, I am trying to get papertrail working and am trying to get my aggregate started. When I put in "sudo remote_syslog" I get an error back "CRITICAL remote_syslog.go:244 Failed to start server: No destination hostname specified"
I have been through the whole procedure a few times....any thoughts?
Jan 17 10:34
Can you link me to what the process looks like?
Jan 17 15:44
@tomasboudr @JohnDoeAkira Re sensor location - agree with arm being better than stomach. For me it is - thigh > arm > stomach. With the added benefit that the leg locations (outside upper part of lower thigh, and outside or center of upper thigh) are easily accessible by me. Using Enlite for about 4 weeks now and they actually kicked the butt of the guardian 3 run in parallel, which was enlightening and surprising.
I am seeing my Endo in a couple of weeks for the first time since looping. I have requested a Dexcom G6, so I guess we'll have some talking to do. How's got experience with the Seattle DCC team regarding looping? Maybe PM me?
Jan 17 15:51
*Who has got ...
Jan 17 22:45
Hi all

all day my loop has been failing saying :

Warning: currenttemp rate 1 != lastTemp rate 3.75 from pumphistory; canceling temo

various other messages along the same line of, last temp is not equal to the temp i just read, so im cancelling the temp which is meaning the loop is doing nothing]
Scott Leibrand
Jan 17 22:50
what does it do if you set a temp basal manually? does it cancel it? does that fix the issue?
also, are you using oref0 0.6.x or 0.7.0?
Jan 17 22:56
it doesn't cancel it
i set a temp basal of 0.15 unit for 30 minutes
my loop reports:
warning : currenttemp rate 0.15!= lastTemp 3.75 from pumphistory;canceling temp
but the temp hasn't been cancelled
could this be related to a battery running out
Scott Leibrand
Jan 17 23:06
no, if it correctly sees the 0.15U/hr temp, battery is probably good
I believe we fixed some potential causes of this in 0.7.0, if you want to upgrade to dev and see if that fixes it for you
Jan 17 23:23
well this just randomely started doesn't happen everytime, but today has been particularly bad
how do i upgrade to 0.7.0 from 0.6.2
Scott Leibrand
Jan 17 23:28
search the openaps docs for upgrading to dev