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Jan 2019
Jan 26 00:34
Anyone going to FOSDEM?
Meghan Rutledge
Jan 26 00:45
Hi all! Looking for some help. I've been looping for a couple years, but my rig has started losing it's mind. Right now, I can't SSH via bluetooth, but I see what's coming up after restarting via serial on my computer I just can't type anything in. I've looked into reflashing, but since I can't type anything into my rig I can't reboot it..
Jan 26 01:40
Is there any reason you can't just power-cycle it?
Jan 26 09:16

Hi Jan,

thank you for your hints for the CNL.
So, the uploader load the data from the CNL to nightscout.
But how will i close the loop ?
Do the raspberry pi download the data and send the command to the pump ?

Thank you very much


Jan 26 17:07
hey guys I am having an issue with my pump not connecting to NRT to get time
not sure how to fix it...