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Jan 2019
Jan 28 01:19

Hey all, had an error today that I dont know how to fix. Everything was looping up until I suspended my pump for a few minutes, Now im getting this error message.

Starting oref0-pump-loop at Sun Jan 27 17:15:03 PST 2019 with 20 second wait_for_silence:
Waiting up to 4 minutes for new BG: ls: cannot access /tmp/pump_loop_completed: No such file or directory
mmeowlink.exceptions.CommsException: Could not get subg_rfspy state or version. Have you got the right port/device and radio_type?

Radio check failed. mmeowlink.exceptions.CommsException: Could not get subg_rfspy state or version. Have you got the right port/device and radio_type?
Listening for 40s silence before mmtuning: .........................

It's been several hours now giving me this. I just redid the setup, should I attempt a reflash? Or is there somewhere else I need to start?

This is an edison rig btw
Martin Haeberli
Jan 28 02:44
looks like Edison Explorers out of stock again?
Jan 28 07:58
Hi there, I am having trouble getting autotune to start. Any idea what this means, and what I can do about it?
root@rigname:~/myopenaps# oref0-autotune --dir=~/myopenaps --ns-host= --start-date=2019-01-01
Running oref0-autotune --dir=/root/myopenaps --ns-host= --start-date=2019-01-01 --end-date=2019-01-26 --categorize-uam-as-basal=false
Compressing old json and log files to save space...
gzip: autotune*.json: No such file or directory
Autotune disk usage:
2.2M .
Overall disk used/avail:
Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/root 1.4G 686M 630M 53% /
Grabbing NIGHTSCOUT treatments.json and entries/sgv.json for date range...
Query: entries/sgv.json find%5Bdate%5D%5B%24gte%5D=1546344000000&find%5Bdate%5D%5B%24lte%5D=1546430400000&count=1000
parse error: Invalid numeric literal at line 1, column 10
Couldn't download ns-entries.2019-01-01.json
Jan 28 13:19
So if I am reading correctly, I will need to roll back to oref0 0.6.2 in order to get the carelink working (just as a temporary measure until I can get a new HAT)?
Jan 28 15:16
Hello, does anyone know if there is a detailed description of the netIOB stats (temp basal section)? This is found at the bottom of the Hourly Stats report. I just want to be sure I understand what each row represents in each column. Thanks
Jan 28 16:00
Hi. After a break for a year and a half it's time to start looping again. Most of the new settings I managed to get by, but I'm having problems with Nightscout. I'm following the guide how to add permissions the the role "oref0rig", and I paste the six permissions from the guide, related to the switch to access token. However my oref0 setup fails because there's missing permissions. Am I missing something?
Jan 28 16:59
Heeeey, moodmorning everyone. I also am here with some troubles related to getting papertrail running properly and also seeing info in the openaps pill in nightscout.
Nightcout is connected and working (showing BG and Basal rate) but it has nothing in the openaps pill and no IOB.
Jan 28 17:01
Does it say unknown in the openaps pill? or are they just not there>
Jan 28 17:02
they say unknown.
both of them are there.
Jan 28 17:10
What kind of rig are you using? and what do the logs look like?
Jan 28 17:26
i'm running on edison.
Jan 28 17:32
reporting cgm/ns-glucose.json
reporting settings/temptargets.json
reporting settings/profile.json
Refreshed temptargetsns://JSON/shell/monitor/carbhistory.json
reporting monitor/carbhistory.json
and meal-carbs
{"batteryVoltage":3980, "battery":80}
and it worked.
so....that's cool.
problem 1 solved.
now for numero 2.
Jan 28 17:42
2019-01-28 17:42:18 CRITICAL remote_syslog.go:244 Failed to start server: No destination hostname specified
this error appears during my papertrail set up when i start a new aggrigate using the command
sudo remote_syslog
I have gone through the steps multiple times with the same result.
Jan 28 17:49
@Patcalfe The papertrail setup page shows multiple arguments required for the remote_syslog command:
Jan 28 17:52
where does "/path/to/your/file.log" reffer to?