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Feb 2019
Feb 01 09:28
@EmericSch The part you found is a kit that has an edison computer and an arduino expansion board. For a loop rig you would use the edison and not the arduino expansion board. Instead of the arduino you would still need an edison explorer board to get the radio function for pump communication. In the top picture of your kit on that web site the edison is actually the tiny board in the lower left hand corner. I verified it looks nearly identical to my edison, with the same FCC ID and IC numbers. The only problem is that the site says the product is discontinued, so you may need to buy it from a different source.
Feb 01 09:45
@Ebgineer Indeed I found a person who sells this used kit. I wanted to make sure that it is compatible with an explorer board to buld an openaps. thx !
Feb 01 13:42
Hi all, well I continue to see the COB being decayed at a lightning fast rate...
they never stay on for more than 1 loop, and what I saw is that even the carbs that get parsed by the rig are not really what I input.. if I put 35g on the pump and they get delivered, what comes up through the rig is 3... and it disappears for the next loop..
could there be something dividing the entry by 10?
some wrong setting?
Jon Cluck
Feb 01 14:05
can you paste your loop logs around the time you ate last, I see loops at like :01, :13, :18
Abigail Cember
Feb 01 21:32
Hey guys, I'm looking for advice on how to solve the following: Last night (and stuff like this keeps happening), I had a sensor reading of 84, and then the next reading five minutes later was 102. Because of the fast upward derivative, my rig gave me an SMB of 0.3, but I then proceeded to go low. The next sensor reading (10 minutes after that 84) was 98, so I think if it had just waited to calculate the derivative for another five minutes, it would not have given me that unnecessary bolus. Is there a parameter I can change so that these corrections are based on a few more data points?
(I'm pretty sure that that 84 was from a "compression low", now that I know that those exist.)
Dylan Leonard
Feb 01 22:10
Hey folks, I'm currently working through initial rig setup (Explorer, oref0 0.6.2 master)and seems to be going well until it hangs on "Adding OpenAPS log shortcuts". I gave it a couple minutes once already and ctrl^c'd to give setup another try but I'm seeing more of the same. Do I just need to be more patient while this step runs?
Scott Leibrand
Feb 01 22:25
@acember there is logic to prevent SMBs on rises more than 20% I believe. If you’re going low from rises smaller than that, you might want to check your basals and ISF against autotune, and/or use a higher target.