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Apr 2019
Apr 09 04:13

@kachytronico, @cluckj

In short, the only thing we have done is: @kachytronico
In short, the only thing we have done is: systemctl disable bluetooth
killall bluetoothd
bluetoothd &
I am having a similar issue right now ... BT adapter/controller error messages. trying the above. could this have something to do with Lookout code/requirements? I think the issue started after I attempted to get Lookout to run on this chip.

'oot@raven:~/myopenaps# sudo hciconfig hci0 name $HOSTNAME
Can't get device info: No such device
root@raven:~/myopenaps# sudo killall bluetoothd
root@raven:~/myopenaps# sudo killall bluetoothd
bluetoothd: no process found
[1]+ Done bluetoothd
root@raven:~/myopenaps# sudo /usr/local/bin/bluetoothd --experimental &
[1] 3596
root@raven:~/myopenaps# sudo: /usr/local/bin/bluetoothd: command not found'
Apr 09 05:32
hmm.. now it is working, and Lookout is running as well. hopefully it sticks :). Lookout is cool, using it with a G6.
Apr 09 08:02
Can you please help me. I just received that message:
openaps init
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/usr/local/bin/openaps", line 170, in <module>
app( )
File "/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/openaps/cli/", line 51, i
n call
File "/usr/local/bin/openaps", line 155, in run
builtins.dispatch(args, self)
File "/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/openaps/", line 44, in di
File "/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/openaps/", line 6, in init
if args.args[1] == '--nogit':
IndexError: list index out of range
Apr 09 15:54
I am running the script and it gave me an error. "WARNING: The following packages cannot be authenticated!
bash-completion libjq1 jq
E: There are problems and -y was used without --force-yes
Couldn't install bc etc." How do I fix this? I am on 0.6.2 master. I have plenty of room on my drive
Apr 09 17:29
It's just not right - things work well at home, but tethering is a problem. with two chips. Here is what I got when testing at home:
root@blue:~# iwconfig wlan0 txpower off; sleep 120; iwconfig wlan0 txpower auto
Error for wireless request "Set Tx Power" (8B26) :
SET failed on device wlan0 ; Input/output error.
and this rig actually jumped on the wifi (apparently using BT tether) with the iPhone.
while the other one is not connecting
Irregularities while trying to setup tethering: Last login: Tue Apr 9 10:24:22 2019 from
root@raven:~# edit-wifi
root@raven:~# sudo service cron stop
root@raven:~# sudo killall bluetoothd
root@raven:~# sudo killall bluetoothd
bluetoothd: no process found
root@raven:~# sudo /usr/local/bin/bluetoothd --experimental &
[1] 9004
root@raven:~# sudo: /usr/local/bin/bluetoothd: command not found
Apr 09 17:34
I had the same with both chips. Any ideas what's going on?
I'll try to at least set it up so it uses the phone WIFI so I can leave the house and continue to loop.
Are others experiencing these issues?
Apr 09 17:41
I have tested my iPhone's hotspot with another phone, and it's working.
Bernhard Klein
Apr 09 17:52

Thanks for the previous answers. I have a question about the location of important settings parameters, especially the basal rates and profile. So far, apart from my standard profile, I needed two more basal profiles for infections (+ 20%), one for periods with reduced insulin requirements. In my pump I can save three different profiles. Medtronic refers to the profiles as Standard, Profile A and Profile B.

With cat basal_profile.json I see that the default profile has been saved. It was apparently read from the pump during the OpenAPS setup and stored in myopenaps / settings / basal_profile.json. So far so good.

My question: Does this profile (created during the setup) remain unchanged? Also in case I activate another BasalPROFIL in the pump or does openaps only use that
Standard profile?

Stefan Hubmer
Apr 09 18:35
Hello, I've got a problem with my rig/pump. "Preflight fail". All the time. mmtune always tunes -99, so it's a communication problem with my pump (i think).
Things I've already done: oref0-runagain, reflashed radio chip, changed insulin pump. Nothing changed.. Rig is BT tethered automatically and in Wifi when available.
Last thing I can think of is, that the Explorer Board is broken.
May someone has more infos for me? Unfortunately I do not have a spare one to change it (maybe I'll get one tomorrow)
Stefan Hubmer
Apr 09 20:39
Back to looping - I don't know why. Last thing I did - changed my pump. So my problem is solved for now :)
Dana Lewis
Apr 09 20:55
@Volberger it only uses standard as the base for autotune, and the autotune profile is what’s being used for looping. If you change the standard profile, OpenAPS will read that on the next full pump history read and then use that new profile at 4am for the next autotune run, unless you choose to run autotune manually before then
If you activate a different profile it’ll only be used when you’re not looping
Apr 09 21:11
@jcluck thank you thank you thank you!! I'm back up and running now :)
Alfredo kachy
Apr 09 21:21

@straykatz hello, If it fails again, follow these steps in order systemctl disable bluetooth

sudo service cron stop
killall bluetoothd
bluetoothd &
sudo hciconfig hci0 name $HOSTNAME

Now launch the Bluetooth control program: bluetoothctl
and type each of the following:
power off

power on

discoverable on

scan on

agent on


continues from there the steps of the document
Jon Cluck
Apr 09 21:26
thanks for the writeup @kachytronico :D
Alfredo kachy
Apr 09 21:29
Today I have dropped the Bluetooth, but I have also configured the Wi-Fi connection to the mobile, so within the platform it deactivates the Bluetooth reset and it works again
If you find a definitive solution I would like to know
Jon Cluck
Apr 09 21:31
what do you mean?
Alfredo kachy
Apr 09 21:33
that there is something that escapes us because when the platform is restarted it fails again sometime
Jon Cluck
Apr 09 21:34
ah, alright
Alfredo kachy
Apr 09 21:34
I'm going to send the platform again to connect the G6 sensor, I'll be attentive
Alfredo kachy
Apr 09 21:41
@straykatz could you tell me if after connecting the platform to the G6 sensor you can see the readings in the iPhone application? I don’t think so.
Jon Cluck
Apr 09 22:10
no, you can only use one device at a time (aside from the official hardware receiver)
Apr 09 23:47
Thank you, Alfredo. I am going to try later. There’s something about the combo Jubi 0.3.0, BT tethering and Lookout that isn’t playing nice for long. Been having a lot of problems, even if it works first, it stops. I always delete the Dexcom App to get Lookout to work, but I have to reconnect it when I don’t get BGs to NS anymore. Done this 10+ times in the 10 days. On top of that, I can’t get the Dexcom Receiver to provide BGs to a plugged in pump, G6-upload. Anyone interested to look into this collection of weird errors with me? I also have phased out 2 Edisons and boards due to assumed hardware issues in the last 10 days ... i wonder if they are fine, just somethings mucked up surrounding BT.
Apr 09 23:53
Dexcom app and Lookout at the same time ... I am trying to reduce reasons for failures, and get a couple of systems that allow me to reliably loop offline. So I don’t attempt that on purpose.