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Apr 2019
Apr 10 11:53
hi i am facing a problem with the pi zero that "could not communicate with wpa_supplicant"
i tried several ways to let it work but was not able to do
this is a net setup
Apr 10 12:03
new step
1st time on rasp pi zero
Apr 10 12:11
during boot i get
failed to start raise network interfaces
Apr 10 13:28
Does anybody have a clue as why my edison rig would get me better BG control than my pi0 rig? They both have the exact same parameter.
Apr 10 13:33
BG data is too old
Apr 10 14:00
can someone send me the proper link for the network wifi setup for raspi zero
seems to my problem is caused by the etc/network/interfaces
Apr 10 15:43
@samuleldemers2 - Je ne sais pas avec certainement mais je pense que l’édition son est plus vite que pi0?
Do you get more loops in a fixed timeframe with the Edison?
Apr 10 15:59
Im not sure. With the waiting times in the loop timing it seemed useless at first. I might still give it a try.
Bernhard Klein
Apr 10 19:45

@danamlewis Actually, I should have realized that openAPS uses the standard profile as the basis for all calculations. Was probably a stupid question, sorry ...

But I already have a new question: How can I conjure up the additional forecast lines. In Nightscout I have activated 12h 24h ... "show AR2 Forecast". But in "profile.json I found this:
"A52_risk_enable": false. Would it be correct to edit the profiles.json directly and replace false with true?
Greetings from Germany, Bernhard

Bernhard Klein
Apr 10 20:07
How much data volume does openaps need per month?
Scott Leibrand
Apr 10 20:41
@Volberger I would read the OpenAPS docs section on preferences.json, and particularly read up on the details of why that one exists before you go enabling it. It’s not related to turning on predictions.
Dana Lewis
Apr 10 21:59
Those are not related at all