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Apr 2019
Natalia S.
Apr 28 00:23
Hey all, just wondering if anyone has had their Nightscout AND rig stop working? I've been successfully looping for almost a week now, but suddenly my Nightscout site is asking me to sign in with my API secret. When I enter it, it says it's wrong, despite me going as far as copying and pasting it right from heroku.
Now my logs are all weird too:
Starting oref0-pump-loop at Sat 27 Apr 20:11:09 EDT 2019 with 3 second wait_for_silence:
Waiting up to 4 minutes for new BG: ........................
Listening for 3s: .No interfering pump comms detected from other rigs (this is a good thing!)
Continuing oref0-pump-loop at Sat 27 Apr 20:16:23 EDT 2019
Preflight OK. Profile less than 60m old; Profile valid. Pump history updated through 2019-04-27T20:08:26-04:00 with 1 new records; meal.json
Warning: setting mealCOB to 0 because currentDeviation is null/undefined
refreshed: {"carbs":10,"nsCarbs":0,"bwCarbs":10,"journalCarbs":0,"mealCOB":0,"currentDeviation":null,"maxDeviation":0,"minDeviation":999,"slopeFromMaxDeviation":0,"slopeFromMinDeviation":999,"allDeviations":[],"lastCarbTime":1556407717000,"bwFound":true}
Listening for 9s: .No interfering pump comms detected from other rigs (this is a good thing!)
Continuing oref0-pump-loop at Sat 27 Apr 20:17:46 EDT 2019
Checking that pump clock: "2019-04-27T20:17:44-04:00" is within 90s of current time: 2019-04-27T20:17:48-0400
Temp refreshed: monitor/temp_basal.json: {"duration":0,"temp":"absolute","rate":0}
Autotune exists! Hoorah! You can use microbolus-related features.
No deliverAt found.
{"reason":"If current system time Sat Apr 27 2019 20:18:35 GMT-0400 (EDT) is correct, then BG data is too old. The last BG data was read 50.5m ago at Sat Apr 27 2019 19:28:03 GMT-0400 (EDT). Temp 0 <= current basal 1.75U/hr; doing nothing. "}
Couldn't smb_verify_suggested
oref0-pump-loop failed. Waiting up to 4 minutes for new BG: ........................
Unsuccessful oref0-pump-loop (BG too old) at Sat 27 Apr 20:23:44 EDT 2019
"HAT Display Updated"
Natalia S.
Apr 28 00:33
Well actually, I guess the loop not working makes sense, since the nightscout site is down and xdrip gets info from nightscout....
Natalia S.
Apr 28 00:41
So apparently upgrading from a free heroku account to a hobby account fixes this? I saw the fix on Facebook and tried it and it works
Is that normal? 🤣
Oh no. It's still down 😩
Raymond Richmond
Apr 28 01:25
@scottleibrand I was reading the comments not the code and yeah, my fail.
Natalia S.
Apr 28 01:51
Is there a way I can change where my rig gets the data until I solve this problem? Right now I have it set to xDrip...
Apr 28 02:26
@Propelld you can to “Restart all dynos” and check if it solves your problem.
Natalia S.
Apr 28 03:12
@Diadon81 yeah, I tried that. Tried emptying my Mongo db, upgrading to paid membership in heroku (this had worked for some people). Nothing.
I ultimately ended up Re-launching a new app with all my settings.
Seems to have done the trick. However, I still have no idea what caused it....
Natalia S.
Apr 28 03:51
Wow it just happened again with my new site too :/
Scott Leibrand
Apr 28 04:33
@oleg-post try adding a -f to your reboot/shutdown? There’s a bug in pibakery.
Apr 28 06:39
So I have an interesting issue: When my rig is out of range for too long it fails to update pump history from then onward. The only way to make it loop again is to delete meal.json from /monitor. I am not running the latest branch because I'm down to one rig currently and don't want to risk a failed update atm
Apr 28 07:22
@scottleibrand it does’n help also.
Apr 28 12:52
@cluckj how can i setup xdrip+?