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Apr 2019
Apr 29 03:05
Hi. Newbie. Here to learn more about OpenAPS and integrate it into my nieces nightscout dexcom setup.
Scott Leibrand
Apr 29 03:21
Apr 29 16:18

since 2.00am in the morning, i have some problem with the rig of my sister. The rig have no contact to her Medtronic 712 pump. We use the x12-branch from @cluckj with great success. But if i run the 'mdt settings' the following comes back:

2019/04/29 18:09:32 cannot connect to CC111x radio on /dev/spidev0.0
2019/04/29 18:09:32 cc111x: no response

How can i check the connection on the RPi0 ?

Thanks a lot !

Apr 29 16:41
@AnjasAPS that means the Pi isn't getting a response from the firmware on the CC1110 on the Explorer HAT. Double-check that the HAT is firmly connected. But if the problem continues, you may have to re-flash the CC1110
Apr 29 18:14

@ecc1 so, we connect the HAT again to the RpI. With same result. Do you have a link how we could flash the CC1111 ? I asked google, but there are no hints for flashing. Can you give me a hint ?

Thanks !

Apr 29 20:28
@ecc1 Wow ! Thank you for the link. So i will try it and hope that will be successfull. Perhaps, my sister gat a new pump in this year. It will be a Dana. But the result with this system is awesome !!
Apr 29 23:08
I have been trying for 2 days to get my openaps loop to upload to nightscout via xdrip, It was working until I forked a nightscout update! The papertrail log indicates that there is an api~secret issue. I have checked and rechecked the api~secret entry in xdrip and it seems OK. However on checking files on my edison rig there seem to be 2 different api keys. How can this happen? How do I find which long number is correct?