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May 2019
May 10 10:24
Hi all, the docs say to us a Pi rig you can use a Pi 3 Model B. I bought a Pi 3 Modal A + -- surely that will also work?
Jon Cluck
May 10 11:52
May 10 11:59
i might do a doc pull to tidy that up
Jason G
May 10 15:08
@renegadeandy Hey Andy, just thought I'd chime in to let you know that Im using a Pi3B+ with soldered rfm69hcw I bought off amazon. Just 3 inch length of copper sticking out for antenna. It covers my 1900sq/ft two story home without issues. My house is made mostly of wood and gypsum board so I guess its easy to penetrate. :) Good luck.
I've even sat outside our front porch and still was looping without issue.
May 10 15:51
@jguyea holy cow! If I can get anywhere near that itd be amazing! A lot more stone in our build -- but I hope maybe a couple in tactical positions will cover my house!
Jason G
May 10 20:27
With Autotune what setting/data does adding --tune-insulin-curve=true modify? Or does it just produce a suggestion? I'd like to try it to see what it comes up with.
Scott Leibrand
May 10 20:59
"useCustomPeakTime": true,
"insulinPeakTime": XX,
"dia": X,
in the tuned profile json