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Nov 2014
Nov 26 2014 15:51 UTC
@galileomd Did you ever publish this? There's been a fair amount of discussion about integrating your client end with a Care Portal component to really create an interesting model.
Nov 26 2014 16:58 UTC
have cleaned up the code some and fixed the alarm some. experimenting with background fetch but doesn't look promising, so I guess ready as we'll ever be to publish. we have a private repo, where would be best place to release?
Kevin Lee
Nov 26 2014 16:59 UTC
I've had quite a few problems with the background fetch - too unreliable
Ross Naylor
Nov 26 2014 17:00 UTC
github is a good start
Nov 26 2014 17:00 UTC
@ktind I got it to poll every hour but doesn't seem to get data over network everytime... what have you run into?
logistics - just make the repo public and post it here?
Kevin Lee
Nov 26 2014 17:01 UTC
just that the timing isn't precise enough for what we need it for
the only way that I know of without jailbreaking would be to use APNs
which requires infrastructure on our side.. which requires a support team to manage
Nov 26 2014 17:03 UTC
yea too bad it can't just be a simple hourly background network query
just made public
anywhere else i should announce this?
Scott Leibrand
Nov 26 2014 19:33 UTC
awesome! maybe in the #nightscout/public room too
Ben West
Nov 26 2014 22:54 UTC
that's cool
as it gets cleaned up, and when you feel comfortable letting more than > 5 - 10 people using it, keep me us updated
at some point you might want to host it under the nightscout project namespace
that's really cool :-)