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Dec 2014
Dec 17 2014 21:28
I'd like to see what we can do to go to a direct draw (similar to Fingerstick, so maybe we look at their code.) and native alarms, including multiple prefs that pull from the user's sound options or even music in some cases.
John Costik
Dec 17 2014 23:07
That's the plan, step 1: get app in store
Dec 17 2014 23:27
I find it ironic that there's such derision at the dexcom CEO but @jasoncalabrese has issues with referencing even the name. you're all welcome to reference our rendering
Ben West
Dec 17 2014 23:28
yeah I think there's been some confusion, apologies :-)
John Costik
Dec 17 2014 23:32
Thanks @galileomd - I have a few options to check into for native rendering, and appreciate you making your code open source. I certainly welcome all comers, I understand the need to limit confusion for group members, but I think that's easy to work out.