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Jan 2015
Alastair Halliday
Jan 29 2015 18:47
greetings folks. James, thanks for the intro to this group (it's Alastair).
I was wondering if it would be possible to be added to the test flight betas? I'd love to see the work you guys are doing if it's okay.
Bill McBain
Jan 29 2015 20:10
I'd also be interested. I'm borrowing an android handset from work to play around with nightscout and dexdrip, but would much prefer to use my iOS device.
Jason Calabrese
Jan 29 2015 20:13
the Nightscout iOS app is currently only a very thin wrapper around the web app
Sulka Haro
Jan 29 2015 20:16
And FYI for people not in the loop - the classic TestFlight service is going away very soon. Anyone on TestFlight will need to migrate to the new form App Store integrated version from Apple or some other service (like HockeyApp).
The new TestFlight is the best option for testers.
Alastair Halliday
Jan 29 2015 21:10
@jasoncalabrese, I understand. I'd still like to be included if possible. @sulkaharo I'm all up to date with the current TestFlight 😄
Jason Calabrese
Jan 29 2015 21:57
@hackingtype1 sending out anymore invites?