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Mar 2015
Scott Leibrand
Mar 10 2015 00:00
Scott Leibrand
Mar 10 2015 03:24
So, in light of ResearchKit, we need to update the Nightscout iOS app to write data directly from Nightscout to HealthKit.
That might be the path of least resistance for getting a whole crapload of Nightscout users' data available to researchers.
I wonder if we can dump months of data into HealthKit retrospectively.
Mar 10 2015 14:09
I would argue we drive our users' needs first, before we worry about research. A native app, notifications, alarm settings in app, iWatch compatibility, a whole host of things I'd like to see done before an abstraction.
Alastair Halliday
Mar 10 2015 22:40
agree. @jwedding
Jason Calabrese
Mar 10 2015 22:41
me too, lets build the tools we need and let the researchers build what they need
Ben West
Mar 10 2015 22:42
the hard part isn't the technology
it's the IRB, and the political will power