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Jul 2015
Jul 13 2015 19:10
I'd like to open up some of the iOS work I've been noodling with to any willing participants. Its still very early but I think I'm ready for some test flight beta testers... send your iCloud email address to:
Jul 13 2015 19:36
FYI - The app uses the rest apis to get data and represent data natively on iOS. It uses the same D3 chart from android for displaying data and supports multiple sites.
Jason Calabrese
Jul 13 2015 19:46
@someoneAnyone it's a remote viewer? but more native that the wrapper app?
Jul 13 2015 21:07
Be happy to test it out, @someoneAnyone, just sent an e-mail.
Would you consider pulling this under the Nightscout Apple Account? One of the common things we ran into last week at FFL was confusion with ten thousand variations on the theme and mass confusion as to what did what.