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Jul 2015
Jul 24 2015 13:24
@kenstack, yes! Can you send me an email for testflght? Have you seen my repo yet?
Jul 24 2015 19:26
@someoneAnyone yes I just downloaded it ! It displays battery and last time but no bg data - I didn't load it on my phone was running in simulator - I like the interface ! I'll check later re the no bg I didn't have time to debug it
Jul 24 2015 21:02
I've uploaded an apple watch app that my son and I have been working on to the Perceptus github repo - - its written in Swift and displays live nightscout info (incl raw) plus a graph - its an early version and you'll be able to quickly tell from my code that I am not a pro like the folks that did myBG :) We started writing this before myBG was available - its more of a pebble interface look and feel with a graph. No local alarms due to iOS limitations... It needs lots of testing and work by people more competent then me, but if you are interested to work on it or we can merge the efforts that are going on I think it would be great.
Jason Calabrese
Jul 24 2015 21:14
chart looks great
Jul 24 2015 21:25
I like it. We have like three different iOS tracks going now.