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Oct 2015
Alastair Halliday
Oct 22 2015 20:46
hey @someoneAnyone , what's the status of your app? I think my test flight expired and haven't looked at progress in a while. do you have a timeline for public release yet - or are you holding off?
Oct 22 2015 23:48
Hi @iphotostuff , I’m still working on it. Actually I’m working on some big features. There should be a version available in testflight and I hope to have a new version available soon
its pretty much ready for release, but I haven’t had time to put together my go to market materials. Also it would be nice to have more testers.
Alastair Halliday
Oct 22 2015 23:52
okay, cool. thanks. got the test flight just now
"big features" - I like