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Mar 2018
Mar 20 2018 00:38
FYI my last post was a pr to update the Xcode project and layout for newer versions of iOS. @scottleibrand and @hackingtype1
John Costik
Mar 20 2018 01:30
Thanks @someoneAnyone, looks good & that’s a big help. I’m traveling this week, but I should have time to merge, test & update it in the store by Friday.
Mar 20 2018 03:00
@hackingtype1 - not a problem hope it works ok.
i don’t have an iphone x to test on
Scott Leibrand
Mar 20 2018 04:03
Happy to test via TestFlight or similar if we want to do that before release. I haven’t tried to compile it myself yet, but could also do that if needed.
Mar 20 2018 04:42
It works in the sim.