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@fclingen the Nightscout help has migrated over to discord. https://discord.gg/zg7CvCQ best to ask on there now for quickest response
but the mlab databases were all shutdown yday, perhaps that's the issue. did you migrate to Atlas?
Frank Moore-Clingenpeel
Migrate to what now?
I'll go to discord
i can't access that screenshot
nightscout info on here.
Mathias Walter
Who has the permission to create a room called NightscoutFoundation/xDrip which is linked to corresponding xDrip GitHub repository?
There already is a xDrip room: https://gitter.im/jamorham/xDrip-plus
Or do specifically want to start a new one?
Mathias Walter
I'd like to start a new one which is linked to the repository and for invited developers only. jamorham/xDrip-plus is mutated to a support forum.
@tolot27 your have a fair point. But I think xDrip+ has always included open off topic discussion, for "testers", "enthusiasts" and power users alike. Much the same for Nightscout and OpenAPS on here too.
Interestingly you have come here to ask but Nighscout has moved to Discord due to Gitter being a poor app (broken mobile apps and poor feature set).
Mathias Walter
Yes, I know. I've asked on Discord, too.
But that was for an open discussion channel not for devs only.
You probably need a developer only group. But I have always wondered if Discord or Slack would be better suited so you can have sub rooms/channels based on topic.
(also threading to cater for long semi on topic conversations)
You folk do a great job. And completely understand things can get very noisy for you.
Hi all !!!
I have a problem with Atlas... i migrated it on the evening of Nov 10th ... i know last minute !!
And i think one problem was that the database was quite full when i migrated.
Now i found out there are 2 collections within my new Database cluster as shown below
the new one is on the top and only 29 MB in size ... the other named as the old database Heroku_9XXXX has 450 something MB. Overall it taps out at 512 and xdrip stopped uploading.
i tried deleting devicestatus in NS-Admin tools and only with deleting data >8 days lead to deletion of devicestatus in the first collection but not the latter
that makes me think that the first one is connected to NS and the second is just taking up space.
Is it safe to delete the second Heroku_9XXXX collection ?
NS has moved to Discord
The easiest way to reduce DB size is to click on the "device status" collection and then the trashcan.
It won't fix any issues you have, but it will remove all records relating to historical battery status etc, which is pretty much irrelevant info.
Gives you room to troubleshoot if you are indeed having space issues.
The collection is recreated on next upload from one of your devices.
Does anyone know how I can access a 7 day / 14 day / 21 day etc time in range value?
based upon my nightscout data?
@renegadeandy under Reports, choose the appropriate time interval and use the "Distribution" report
Aha! @ecc1 - spot on
@ecc1 are you available
Hello, could someone tell me how to export data (into an excel or csv file) from Nightscout?

@esha1701 may not be the only way but I extract via the api, something like

curl -X GET "https://<nightscout-site>/api/v1/entries/sgv?count=20" >output-file

will pull the last 20 readings to a file called output-file.
more details on the api are on your nightscout site at https://<nightscout-site>/api-docs/

please note: most NS discussion has moved to discord at https://discord.gg/zg7CvCQ so you may be better posting there


I just did a git pull to upgrade to the latest of master branch(14.0.7). Then i did a npm install , now when i do npm start It just does :

```[andy@192 cgm-remote-monitor]$ npm start

nightscout@14.0.7 start /home/andy/cgm-remote-monitor
node server.js


it basically just doesn't run anymore...
What version of node does 14.0.7 pre-req?
I wonder if thats the issue, im on 8.16.2
@renegadeandy probably best to ask on the discord channel posted above. but i always use this link which has worked so far. http://nightscout.github.io/pages/update-fork/
@Foxy7 I have asked on discord to no response
i dont use heroku or azure ;)
Hello, I am trying to setup a new nightscout following the documentation for installation. When I deploy from my fork to Heroku, I get the red message : The addon "mongolab" does not exist. Please ensure that the addon is spelled correctly. And the MONGODB_URI is missing from the list of variables. What have I done wrong ??
OK, sorry, it was my fault. I had an old nighscout fork ... from my previous openAPS setting. switching to the latest version solved the problem
does anyone know, for the nightscout v3 api's, do they always require an auth token, even to read something like bg's or devicestatus on an open site?