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From IRC (bridge bot)
<Zevv> haha
From IRC (bridge bot)
<FromDiscord_> <Avatarfighter> I'm having a slight issue when importing asyncdispatch in nim 0.20.2 into my program, when I try and compile my program nativesockets(114) complains about the tostring operator not being for uint16 I haven't had this issue in my other async programs so this is a first.
<FromDiscord_> <Avatarfighter>
<FromDiscord_> <Avatarfighter> here is my code:
<FromDiscord_> <Avatarfighter> https://dsh.re/bafe26
<FromDiscord_> <Avatarfighter>
<FromDiscord_> <Avatarfighter> here is my error:
<FromDiscord_> <Avatarfighter> https://dsh.re/9da9f
<FromDiscord_> <Avatarfighter>
<FromDiscord_> <Avatarfighter> pls send support 🙏
<sealmove> what is your address?
<FromDiscord_> <Avatarfighter> haha
<FromDiscord_> <Avatarfighter> i dont exactly know why this issue occurs since i've imported asyncdispatch before and it worked lol
From IRC (bridge bot)
<leorize> @Avatarfighter: the dom module contains a lot of stuff that you're importing from js here
Mamy Ratsimbazafy
maybe you lack asyncnet? iirc some stuff where moved in-between
From IRC (bridge bot)
<leorize> don't import asyncdispatch
<leorize> asyncjs should already provides everything you need
<FromDiscord_> <Avatarfighter> ohhh
<FromDiscord_> <Avatarfighter> hm I didn't realize that asyncjs replaces asyncdisptach fully for targetting js
<FromDiscord_> <Avatarfighter> hm I didn't realize that asyncjs replaces asyncdisptach fully for targeting js
<FromDiscord_> <Avatarfighter> i gotta take notes on this lol
From IRC (bridge bot)
<FromDiscord_> <Avatarfighter> Thank you @leorize you're a lifesaver as per usual
From IRC (bridge bot)
<krux02> @zacharycarter: you know about scalaz, don't you?
From IRC (bridge bot)
<shashlick> i'm almost done with a simple script to generate docsets from a nim repo
<shashlick> question - where can we host the script and the generated zips?
<shashlick> should i put it in niv/nim-docset assuming author is interested
<shashlick> once we have docsets ready, we can contribute them to https://github.com/Kapeli/Dash-User-Contributions
what about zeal?
From IRC (bridge bot)
<shashlick> zeal needs docsets - i'm generating that
Zachary Carter
@krux02 yeah - I believe we're using it at work
From IRC (bridge bot)
<krux02> I didn't know you were a scala programmer
From IRC (bridge bot)
<dom96> Love when I get dozens of notifications because /someone/ decides to mention their PR across a bunch of old issues
<FromDiscord_> <Avatarfighter> can't relate sadly
<dom96> That was sarcasm in case it's not clear :⁠)
From IRC (bridge bot)
<FromDiscord_> <Avatarfighter> i know dont worry haha 😛
<FromDiscord_> <Avatarfighter> I love browsing https://github.com/topics/nim?o=desc&s=stars and just looking at the cool projects people have made and that others enjoy too, it gives me so many ideas haha
<dom96> oooh, github now shows a little "Good first issues" widget there
<FromDiscord_> <Avatarfighter> Yeah it's really cool too!
<dom96> huh, doesn't show some repos
<FromDiscord_> <Avatarfighter> the link i sent filters by the most stars, so you can probably find more unknown ones by doing least stars or something, I just do most stars so i get a sense of what people like
<dom96> yeah, but it doesn't list some repos that have a lot of stars
<dom96> for example https://github.com/dom96/jester
<FromDiscord_> <Avatarfighter> welp
<FromDiscord_> <Avatarfighter> idk what to tell you other than i'm going to learn your lib after i'm done with karax haha
From IRC (bridge bot)
<FromDiscord_> <Avatarfighter> argh i want to make something this cool haha
Andreas Hauser
Is there an idiom for this python: info = dict(part.split("=") for part in comment.split(" "))
Kaushal Modi
what does that do? convert "abc=def ghi=jkl" to {"abc":"def", "ghi":"jkl"}?