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  • Mar 03 2017 15:52
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From IRC (bridge bot)
<disruptek> it overwrites any contents, btw.
<rayman22201> it does overwrite any contents
<rayman22201> did it not used to?
<rayman22201> that is bad english. Did the behavior change?
<disruptek> i'm new to nim, but i doubt the behavior changed.
<rayman22201> lol, then you are new to Nim. Araq has been known to change things like this without telling us :⁠-P
<rayman22201> he is better about it these days though
<disruptek> -d:danger
<disruptek> but, WORM would be a pretty lousy quality for nimcache. ;⁠-)
<rayman22201> I'm trying to pick my nim godbolt work again, and something changed, because the files seem to no longer be able to find any of the files
<rayman22201> jeeze. I'm tired
<rayman22201> Godbolt can't seem to find any of the files
<disruptek> the nimcache location did change kinda recently, i think.
<disruptek> i always specify it.
<rayman22201> I'm explicitly setting it in the godbolt config, but the directory ends up empty before godbolt can rean it
<rayman22201> *read it
<disruptek> i think there's something godbolt-specific in that sentence that i don't grok.
From IRC (bridge bot)
<rayman22201> lol. no worries
<rayman22201> I think I have an idea
<rayman22201> I'm also failing to write good English right now.
<disruptek> noted. :⁠-P
<disruptek> hey, it's that time of night on a Monday... 😉
<rayman22201> indeed
<disruptek> if it helps, you can nimCache="/some/dir" in a nim.cfg instead of using the command-line.
How do you auto type a variable without defining it? This doesn't work:
var foo: auto
From IRC (bridge bot)
<leorize> you can't
<leorize> without knowing the type, the compiler can't allocate the necessary space for the variable
<leorize> what are you trying to do?
I am not knowing the variable type but I need to define it.
From IRC (bridge bot)
<leorize> do you have an example use case?
<FromDiscord_> <Shield> use a pointer maybe?
<leorize> if you don't know the variable type, how can you store stuff in there?
From IRC (bridge bot)
<Araq> clybber: yes, it's correct
<Araq> (almost)
<Araq> but I'll update the spec so you can see the problem
From IRC (bridge bot)
<Araq> how can I solve this problem:
<Araq> Access to XMLHttpRequest at 'http://localhost:8001/login' from origin '' has been blocked by CORS policy: Response to preflight request doesn't pass access control check: No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource.
<PMunch> By setting "Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *" in your server response
<livcd> Araq: btw I dont think Ward can port wNim to other platforms. I guess he would need to wrap libui
<Araq> PMunch, the server does that yet the problem remains
<Araq> livcd, the point is to have our own libui :⁠P
From IRC (bridge bot)
<livcd> Araq: as in fork libui ?
From IRC (bridge bot)
<Araq> no, as in "let's have a good UI library that supports all OSes"
+1 we need a GUI library for all OS.
From IRC (bridge bot)
<FromDiscord_> <Kiloneie> Does anyone know how to retrieve the next iteration in a orderedTable without the for loop jumping to it ? I tried doing it with a while loop but that then doesn't work because i am then working with indexes and i can't insert those into [].
Alexander Ivanov
@dom96 i played with your nimbox termbox fork yesterday
pretty cool
made a simple "layouting" dsl