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From IRC (bridge bot)
<FromDiscord> <ElegantBeef> Is nico 2.0 opengl based?
<FromDiscord> <impbox> hmm probably no nico 2.0, but the opengl based one i need a different name
<FromDiscord> <ElegantBeef> Nove2D 😄
<FromDiscord> <ElegantBeef> Yes i just took your Pico -> Nim(ico) and applied it to Love2D
<FromDiscord> <impbox> before I did nico i made picolove which made pico8 games run in love2d
<FromDiscord> <impbox> then i realised lua was horrible
<FromDiscord> <impbox> and moved to nim <⁠3
<FromDiscord> <ElegantBeef> It's dynamically typed what do you expect 😛
From IRC (bridge bot)
<FromDiscord> <ElegantBeef> Also between you showing off your rotating sprites and my nimscript stuff i now want to make a game like screeps, so need to figure out something for it
<FromDiscord> <impbox> yeah, next on my list of stuff to do is to play with your nimscript stuff
<FromDiscord> <impbox> haven't seen screeps before, sounds interesting
<FromDiscord> <impbox> i'm keen to try livecoding units in a game
<FromDiscord> <ElegantBeef> Yea it seems like a fun idea
<FromDiscord> <ElegantBeef> I really like games that have scripting in game, space engineers for instance
<FromDiscord> <impbox> but you can only script units that you are close to, so once you're away from them they need to fend for themselves via the code you wrote
<FromDiscord> <ElegantBeef> Well the way i'd do it is have RTS like units, where you code behaviour of each type
<FromDiscord> <ElegantBeef> So miner, harvester, intercepter, bomber etc
<FromDiscord> <impbox> mmm i started working on a little RTS/TD project recently
<FromDiscord> <ElegantBeef> And then also the construction building
<FromDiscord> <ElegantBeef> The block in my way right now is trying to figureout what to even start making it
<FromDiscord> <ElegantBeef> Cant exactly use nico since i want a code editor and the limitations dont really enable a split view code editor
<FromDiscord> <impbox> well you could, but it would suck
<FromDiscord> <ElegantBeef> I think fidget could work
From IRC (bridge bot)
<FromDiscord> <impbox> though it could open the code in your fav editor in a separate process
<FromDiscord> <impbox> in a tmp file and update when it's written to
<FromDiscord> <ElegantBeef> That works for like an itch.io game, but for a proper game that's not that nice
<FromDiscord> <ElegantBeef> Although let's be honest i'm never getting to a proper game
From IRC (bridge bot)
<FromDiscord> <impbox> hmm is there a nimidiomatic way of doing nim version specific code?
<FromDiscord> <ElegantBeef> Use when with it i believe
<FromDiscord> <impbox> ahh cool, thanks, i figured it'd be when something
<FromDiscord> <ElegantBeef> Guess https://nim-lang.org/docs/system.html#NimMajor↵shows it exactly
<FromDiscord> <impbox> nice
<FromDiscord> <impbox> I wonder if it's better to use that or use when compiles...
<FromDiscord> <ElegantBeef> That's above my paygrade 😛
From IRC (bridge bot)
<FromDiscord> <Rika> depends, when compiles is to check if a feature exists
<FromDiscord> <Rika> at least thats what i hear people use it for
<FromDiscord> <ElegantBeef> Can also use it for optional features
<FromDiscord> <impbox> the situation is a module's type that overrides on in the system library was defining a member that is now included in the base type
<FromDiscord> <impbox> so I can easily fix it in 1.4 by removing that definition in the module, but it'll break pre 1.4
<FromDiscord> <lqdev> when declared(x) or when NimVersion >= (1, 0, 0)
From IRC (bridge bot)
<FromDiscord> <impbox> https://play.nim-lang.org/#ix=2BOu
<FromDiscord> <impbox> I'm not sure how to use when declared in this context or if it's possible
From IRC (bridge bot)
<FromDiscord> <lqdev> i think there was a declaredField or fieldDeclared
<FromDiscord> <lqdev> but i don't remember because i never use it.
<FromDiscord> <lqdev> whatever you're doing, feels like quite a hack.
<FromDiscord> <impbox> mmm just aiming for backwards compatibility, but maybe i shouldn't bother
<FromDiscord> <haxscramper> If I use {.experimental: "caseStmtMacros".} and have case statement inside generic function I need to use mixin for all symbols in the dsl, like mixin _, all, JString etc. Example: https://play.nim-lang.org/#ix=2BOz
<FromDiscord> <haxscramper> Or force expansion with something like expandMacros
<FromDiscord> <haxscramper> Is it a bug or I'm just doing something wrong with match?