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From IRC (bridge bot)
<shashlick> Araq: tools/nim-gdb.py is present in the archives, it is bin/nim-gdb that's missing
<FromDiscord> <Clyybber> alehander92: the animal, not the drug :⁠p
<FromDiscord> <Clyybber> I hope
<narimiran> @alehander92 i hope to have 1.0.6-beta ready this week
<disruptek> bug remains. but that just means i may have a shot at fixing it. 😄
<disruptek> arc is way simpler than i expected. it gives me lots of ideas for ways to optimize allocation.
<disruptek> coffee first, though.
<Araq> shashlick, bummer
<shashlick> question: is there interest in having musl-gcc as a tested backend for Nim
From IRC (bridge bot)
<shashlick> and is there value in making it the default backend eventually
<shashlick> Araq: sorry, I should have been more accurate in issue description
<FromDiscord> <Clyybber> shashlick: IMO, yes
<shashlick> okay am going to start testing whether Nim can be built and tested with musl-gcc in the first place
<FromDiscord> <Clyybber> wdym with musl-gcc tho?
<FromDiscord> <Clyybber> do you just mean gcc
<FromDiscord> <Clyybber> and musl instead of glibc?
<FromDiscord> <Clyybber> disregard that
<shashlick> http://musl.cc/ is very interesting
From IRC (bridge bot)
<shashlick> having built-in cross-compile support would be cool
<shashlick> only thing is I don't see that they target osx
<disruptek> i think leorize runs a gentoo/musl machine.
<disruptek> Araq: so you say no for/else because it's just sugar, right?
<Araq> right
Alexander Ivanov
narimiran oh nice
From IRC (bridge bot)
<disruptek> if i showed you a scenario where it resulted in more efficient code, you'd consider it?
Alexander Ivanov
yeah cross compiling is cool
i have to try and see my problems .. i found it hard to cross compile nim to i386 because i somehow confused my 386 packages install
should this be something very simple
From IRC (bridge bot)
<shashlick> well, all you really need to do is set export CC=musl-gcc -static
<shashlick> @kaushalmodi did a bunch of work on this with his config.nims
<shashlick> but i'm wondering if we can make this the defacto and not depend on libc
<shashlick> but one problem is that all dependencies also need to be compiled this way
Alexander Ivanov
i actually dont need libc
From IRC (bridge bot)
<disruptek> yeah, for good reason.
Alexander Ivanov
as i want to cross compile to bare metal program for qemu
so i have my own "libc" stub
From IRC (bridge bot)
<shashlick> well, maybe not - if you link to a dep that uses libc, it should work as long as libc is present right?
<disruptek> need weak refs
<shashlick> yep csources compiled with musl-gcc
Alexander Ivanov
no idea, my programs should really use only the "standalone" parts
From IRC (bridge bot)
<shashlick> okay koch builds
<shashlick> but koch doesn't have a way to set --gcc.exe, etc.
From IRC (bridge bot)
<lesshaste> hi all
<FromDiscord> <Clyybber> heh, now that scenario
<FromDiscord> <Clyybber> I wonna see it
<FromDiscord> <Clyybber> since I find while else to be exceptionally ambiguous
Kaushal Modi


is there interest in having musl-gcc as a tested backend for Nim


From IRC (bridge bot)
<shashlick> okay looks like bootstrap fails
<shashlick> undefined references to ___memcpy_chk_