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From IRC (bridge bot)
<disruptek> there's no accounting for taste.
<disruptek> it's probably because our community is so toxic to new folks.
<FromDiscord> <Ricky Spanish> yep that list is way shorter than deserved, community size on discord too to be fair, iv only been using a few days but iv found it atleast as useable and useful as vlang, golang and rust with the exception being the number of learning materials isnt as great as rust....i disagree about the community...i actually liked the people i spoke to here...
<disruptek> i'm just teasing varriount.
<FromDiscord> <Ricky Spanish> ah my bad just jumped in at the end 😆
<disruptek> i mean, it's a good report and it's nice to hear.
From IRC (bridge bot)
<disruptek> for some people, a rusty tool doesn't matter.
<disruptek> for the rest of us, there's nim.
From IRC (bridge bot)
<FromDiscord> <Ricky Spanish> sent a long message, see
<FromDiscord> <Ricky Spanish> when i re-found was very clear it was for systems
<FromDiscord> <Varriount> disruptek: Now that I think about it, is there any technical reason a macro couldn't be able to modify the AST tree ahead of its call site?
<FromDiscord> <Varriount> It can't modify already processed nodes, beecause they're... already processed, but nodes "ahead" of it haven't been processed yet.
<FromDiscord> <Varriount> *ahead of it and it's parents
From IRC (bridge bot)
<FromDiscord> <Elegant Beef> @Ricky Spanish Yea i've actually had to point out that nim isnt an intepreted language a few times when i evangalized it 😄
<FromDiscord> <Varriount> Also, people seem to think that GC == slow (which is probably why Go calls references "pointers", to throw people off the scent)
BinHong Lee
Hi all, I have a question about compiling a macos binary from linux
From IRC (bridge bot)
<FromDiscord> <Elegant Beef> I mean varriount i recently spoke to someone that said "ARC is always slower than GC"
<FromDiscord> <Elegant Beef> So im super confused why nim's ARCis so fast
<FromDiscord> <Elegant Beef> (edit) 'ARCis' => 'ARC is'
<FromDiscord> <Varriount> It depends on what you mean by "fast"
<FromDiscord> <Elegant Beef> Well the benchmarks that were shown off at nimconf seems to indicate it's vastly faster than the GC options
<FromDiscord> <Elegant Beef> In those cases
<FromDiscord> <Ricky Spanish> well im a little guilty on the gc front tbh, but atleast nim has the option to disable it giving me the option for each project so having the option to learn a language and trusting me to decide whats right as i need seems revolutionary to me
<FromDiscord> <Varriount> The garbage collectors that Java and C# tend to use are "fast" in that they allow allocating memory very quickly
BinHong Lee

I have a file that only have 1 line : import httpClient

and compiling it like this:
nim c --os:macosx -d:emscripten -d:ssl --cpu:amd64 -t:-m64 -l:-m64 x.nim

but its throwing an error of

fatal error: 'sys/event.h' file not found
                       #include <sys/event.h>

Not sure what I'm missing

From IRC (bridge bot)
<FromDiscord> <Varriount> This might yield some answers. Looks like a missing library or header path?
<FromDiscord> <Varriount> @binhonglee What OS are you using?
BinHong Lee
Ubuntu. I did have clang installed for macosx compilation
Seems like a library that httpClient uses is missing but everything else works fine.
*to clarify, I'm using WSL2 Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
From IRC (bridge bot)
<FromDiscord> <Ricky Spanish> is there a roadmap for vim so people can contributed?
<FromDiscord> <Elegant Beef> You mean Nim?
<FromDiscord> <Ricky Spanish> woops yeh, bad habbits
<FromDiscord> <Elegant Beef> There is this, but idk if there is something more insightful↵
<FromDiscord> <Varriount> @Ricky Spanish There's a bug tracker. Though I would say that documentation or stdlib bugs are a good starting poinnt for contribution.
<FromDiscord> <Ricky Spanish> ah ok ill take a look over, thanks @Varriount and @Elegant Beef
<FromDiscord> <Elegant Beef> Oh shit you're also in the GDL discord(Yes i was checking for that, dont worry)
<disruptek> varriount: you can't go up but you can always go down.
<disruptek> instead of lifting something, just bury everything else.
<FromDiscord> <Elegant Beef> There is actualy a suprising number of GDL discord users here
<FromDiscord> <Elegant Beef> Oh i thought disruptek was going to say "When you think you hit rock bottom, get the pickaxe"
<FromDiscord> <Ricky Spanish> yeh nims use-case seems uniquely suited for games in a strange way i suppose is how we end up here
From IRC (bridge bot)
<disruptek> i would say that the compiler doesn't need work, and it's imposing to even get started. lots of shitty software remains to be written; i'm doing my part, l0rd knows.
<FromDiscord> <Elegant Beef> And i just use libraries and then give up shortly after using them
<FromDiscord> <Elegant Beef> In my good persistant development attitude
<FromDiscord> <Varriount> disruptek: But is there a technical reason? Why can't a macro access data above/ahead of it?
<disruptek> that way lies madness.
<disruptek> /technically/ you could simply read the file you find yourself in, and then find yourself.
<disruptek> but as i mentioned to chapl, this is /compositional/ suicide.
<FromDiscord> <Varriount> Some would say implementing an async system via macros is madness too.