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  • Apr 04 12:26
    @dom96 banned @acroobat
  • Mar 03 2017 15:52
    @dom96 banned @Octopoda7
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From IRC (bridge bot)
<FromDiscord> <Yardanico> since for #[ you need to handle closing and opening
<FromDiscord> <Clyybber> yea
From IRC (bridge bot)
<ForumUpdaterBot> New thread by Didlybom: Impressive results with --gc:orc, see https://forum.nim-lang.org/t/6951
<FromDiscord> <Yardanico> hehehe :⁠)
From IRC (bridge bot)
<FromDiscord> <Clyybber> whats that
<FromDiscord> <Yardanico> the actual code for inserting comments
<FromDiscord> <Clyybber> ah, I see
<FromDiscord> <Yardanico> word wrapping needs # too since it splits lines into multiple
<FromDiscord> <Clyybber> do we wantt to use ## or # ?
<FromDiscord> <Yardanico> but there's a newLine string argument
<FromDiscord> <Yardanico> @Clyybber i think # ?
<FromDiscord> <Clyybber> yeah, probably
<FromDiscord> <Clyybber> yeah definitely
<FromDiscord> <Clyybber> :⁠D
<FromDiscord> <Clyybber> @Yardanico oh, I see what you mean, thats sleek indeed
<FromDiscord> <haxscramper> Is there a way to explicitly tell nim doc the path of the nimdoc.cfg configuration file?
<FromDiscord> <haxscramper> And in what order/which directories are searched for config by default?
From IRC (bridge bot)
<landerlo> j pr
From IRC (bridge bot)
<FromDiscord> <Rika> ?
<FromDiscord> <Yardanico> la la
Aditya Siram
The stdlib json lib doesn't seem to support exponents in numbers. Am I missing something?
How to copy data to a string by copyMem?
var s2: string = $array[32,char]
copyMem(s2[0].addr, s1[0].addr, 32)
Does this count hacky?
From IRC (bridge bot)
<FromDiscord> <shashlick> Is the discord bot down
<Yardanico> no
<Yardanico> more and more people use discord
<Yardanico> ah the fromgitter -> discord is not working for some reason
Danil Yarantsev
From IRC (bridge bot)
<FromDiscord> <shashlick> Ya I didn't see disruptek's message
<FromDiscord> <Yardanico> ?
<FromDiscord> <Yardanico> which one
<FromDiscord> <shashlick> The one he pinged me
<FromDiscord> <shashlick> It doesn't show up on discord or even irclogs.nim-lang.org
<FromDiscord> <Yardanico> then he didn't :⁠P
<FromDiscord> <dom96> ^^
<FromDiscord> <Yardanico> irclogs is pretty reliable
<FromDiscord> <Yardanico> @dom96 we will change it to simple split parsing, but then people with spaces in names won't be able to be pinged (this is their own fault to be honest)
<FromDiscord> <dom96> yep
<FromDiscord> <dom96> and tbh you shouldn't use split parsin
<FromDiscord> <shashlick> Then FromGitter is down
<FromDiscord> <dom96> because you will lose significant whitespace
<FromDiscord> <Yardanico> yeah that is a problem
<FromDiscord> <dom96> Just do what I suggested above 😉
<FromDiscord> <Yardanico> @shashlick yeah it seems like FromGitter -> Discord doesn't work for some reason
<FromDiscord> <Clyybber> split parsing is fine
<FromDiscord> <Clyybber> there is no solution for whitespace nicks
<FromDiscord> <Yardanico> @Clyybber well the only bad thing I can think of is code snippets