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From IRC (bridge bot)
<FromDiscord> <Yardanico> which one
<FromDiscord> <shashlick> The one he pinged me
<FromDiscord> <shashlick> It doesn't show up on discord or even irclogs.nim-lang.org
<FromDiscord> <Yardanico> then he didn't :⁠P
<FromDiscord> <dom96> ^^
<FromDiscord> <Yardanico> irclogs is pretty reliable
<FromDiscord> <Yardanico> @dom96 we will change it to simple split parsing, but then people with spaces in names won't be able to be pinged (this is their own fault to be honest)
<FromDiscord> <dom96> yep
<FromDiscord> <dom96> and tbh you shouldn't use split parsin
<FromDiscord> <shashlick> Then FromGitter is down
<FromDiscord> <dom96> because you will lose significant whitespace
<FromDiscord> <Yardanico> yeah that is a problem
<FromDiscord> <dom96> Just do what I suggested above 😉
<FromDiscord> <Yardanico> @shashlick yeah it seems like FromGitter -> Discord doesn't work for some reason
<FromDiscord> <Clyybber> split parsing is fine
<FromDiscord> <Clyybber> there is no solution for whitespace nicks
<FromDiscord> <Yardanico> @Clyybber well the only bad thing I can think of is code snippets
<FromDiscord> <Yardanico> but people usually use code pasting services :⁠)
<FromDiscord> <Yardanico> on IRC
<FromDiscord> <dom96> split parsing is inefficient
<FromDiscord> <shashlick> FromGitter -> IRC itself isn't working
<FromDiscord> <Yardanico> @dom96 in an iterator?
<FromDiscord> <Clyybber> its good enough
<FromDiscord> <Yardanico> @shashlick it's working just fine
@deech it seems to.
👑 INim 0.6.1
Nim Compiler Version 1.4.0 [Linux: amd64] at /home/jfondren/.nimble/bin/nim
nim> import json
nim> parseJson("1e6")
1000000.0 == type JsonNode
<FromDiscord> <Yardanico> but gitter -> irc -> discord isn't
<FromDiscord> <dom96> !eval import strutils; echo("hello qw q".splitWhitespace())
<NimBot> @["hello", "qw", "q"]
<FromDiscord> <Yardanico> yes
<FromDiscord> <Yardanico> but is that really important?
<FromDiscord> <dom96> You lose the whitespace
<FromDiscord> <dom96> it's very bad if you will screw up my messages just for some nick rewrites
Aditya Siram
@jrfondren Interesting, so it does. I just didn't see it in the module itself so I guess Nim's native numbers support it.
From IRC (bridge bot)
<disruptek> enthus1ast: nimph supports #head but it's a super bad idea.
From IRC (bridge bot)
<FromDiscord> <Yardanico> @dom96 if you have time - can you check which email does https://forum.nim-lang.org/profile/Jipok have? That person is asking me because he tried to send the reset password email, but it didn't arrive on his email
Danil Yarantsev
From IRC (bridge bot)
<Yardanico> not sure why fromgitter -> discord is broken hmm
<FromDiscord> <Yardanico> ~restarting bridge~
<disbot> no footnotes for restarting. 🙁
<FromDiscord> <Clyybber> ~restarting is bridge
<disbot> 9restarting: bridge
<disruptek> ~clyybber is a knucklehead
<disbot> 9clyybber: a knucklehead
<FromDiscord> <Rika> lmao
<FromDiscord> <Yardanico> weird
<FromDiscord> <Yardanico> very weird
<FromDiscord> <Yardanico> I explicitly disallow disbot to mention people
<FromDiscord> <Yardanico> maybe it's not working correctly
<FromDiscord> <Rika> thonk