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    From IRC (bridge bot)
    <FromDiscord> <neow> :wut:
    <FromDiscord> <KingDarBoja> lol you are not
    <FromDiscord> <KingDarBoja> <:w_h_y:796810699501994024>
    From IRC (bridge bot)
    <FromDiscord> <Kiloneie> using the same website
    <FromDiscord> <Kiloneie> that doesn't seem accurate
    <FromDiscord> <Kiloneie> we have had times of a whole month being over 30 degrees celsium
    <FromDiscord> <Kiloneie> it's forecasted to be 31 this weekend
    <FromDiscord> <Kiloneie> where im at
    <FromDiscord> <Kiloneie> in Nova Gorica, it's like 5 degrees more usually
    <FromDiscord> <Kiloneie> Well atleast you don't spend a ton on heating D:
    <FromDiscord> <Kiloneie> had to heat for 6 months this year
    From IRC (bridge bot)
    <FromDiscord> <Daniel> In reply to @Kiloneie "that doesn't seem accurate": it never is
    <FromDiscord> <Daniel> when it is, its more of a lucky guess
    <FromDiscord> <Kiloneie> I can't remember a year where it didn't reach like 33 degrees celsium in the summer for a whole week at least.
    <FromDiscord> <Kiloneie> oh well
    From IRC (bridge bot)
    <FromDiscord> <KingDarBoja> I prefer cold places that hot places
    <FromDiscord> <Kiloneie> maybe, until you experience ice cold places for a while 😛
    <FromDiscord> <Kiloneie> and crazy high heating bills
    <FromDiscord> <KingDarBoja> 😛 AFAIK heating is cheaper that cooling
    <FromDiscord> <KingDarBoja> Because thermodynamics
    <FromDiscord> <Kiloneie> oO
    <FromDiscord> <Kiloneie> well if you spend your time 99% of the time in one place, a smaller one not a massive living room connected to the kitchen and what not(we got all in one), it really shouldn't be
    <FromDiscord> <Kiloneie> though we got no cooling anymore
    <FromDiscord> <Kiloneie> we had a single AC unit in the living room/kitchen/dinning room, but it broke
    <FromDiscord> <Kiloneie> my room is always like at lest 5 degrees warmer than down there
    <FromDiscord> <Kiloneie> cause top floor, on the side of the sun + computer
    <FromDiscord> <Kiloneie> pretty much like 35+ celcium in the summer
    <FromDiscord> <Kiloneie> im fine 😛
    From IRC (bridge bot)
    <FromDiscord> <Daniel> In reply to @Kiloneie "im fine 😛": reminded me of this https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/371759607934353448/854087097152700467/88c1f1a8c0f7df126081e9201ea7641f.png
    <FromDiscord> <Kiloneie> xD
    <FromDiscord> <Kiloneie> i remember a time when parents had bottom floor open because they used chemicals for copper material coating/smthing, and we had hornets in the damn chimney
    <FromDiscord> <Kiloneie> and i used a fan to cool myself
    <FromDiscord> <Kiloneie> i couldn't tell if it was a hornet
    <FromDiscord> <Kiloneie> i got it into my room like once a week
    <FromDiscord> <Kiloneie> i started hearing them when there weren't any
    From IRC (bridge bot)
    <FromDiscord> <dom96> In reply to @Rika "i dont know a": lol? all of Europe?
    <FromDiscord> <dom96> In reply to @Zachary Carter "Hey! It's not like": if you're rich, maybe. Most houses here are built to keep heat in
    <FromDiscord> <Kiloneie> a single AC unit isn't that expensive nowadays, but to keep the entire house ACed... lol... i'd rather not have it
    From IRC (bridge bot)
    <FromDiscord> <Zachary Carter> I mean houses here are meant to keep hot and cold air in
    <FromDiscord> <Zachary Carter> and yeah, cooling the entire house in the summer is pricey
    <FromDiscord> <ElegantBeef> Yea here in Canada we get -40c for a few weeks in winter, and then +30c in summer so some houses do have built in AC but most just use window units
    From IRC (bridge bot)
    <FromDiscord> <neow> In reply to @Kiloneie "I can't remember a": rthis
    <FromDiscord> <neow> there is always that week or two where it likes to slip above 30
    <FromDiscord> <Kiloneie> one time it was 43 i believe
    <FromDiscord> <Kiloneie> i was under the AC on full settings for like 5-6 hours, and i still was burning hot D:
    <FromDiscord> <Kiloneie> okay not 100% under it, but like 2 meters away
    <FromDiscord> <Kiloneie> occasionally walked into it for a few minutes
    From IRC (bridge bot)
    <FromDiscord> <Kiloneie> google says it was 40.8, idk
    <FromDiscord> <Kiloneie> it was a hell of a day D: