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Repo info
    Otto Chrons
    was looking through OrientDB binary protocol client implementation and noticed that it's not non-blocking (orientechnologies/orientdb#2173) so we might need to implement our own client on top of the binary protocol
    not that difficult, if we just support the relevant parts
    Otto Chrons
    Netty might be a good base for async net I/O if we don't want to depend on akka.io
    many DB drivers use it
    Otto Chrons
    Per Wiklander
    Heh, it’s been five years and, as often happens in the world of development, someone else has done what I was missing when we started talking about this. https://github.com/manishkkatoch/scala-cypher-dsl together with https://neotypes.github.io/neotypes/ looks to be just right.