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Nov 2014
Martin Heidegger
Nov 07 2014 05:15
Hello guys. I have had a thought about node and I feel a little like "node" is missing a user interface. And wondered if that is worth a discussion.
Matt Brennan
Nov 07 2014 12:34
If by "user interface" you mean a GUI, there are projects such as node-webkit and atom-shell which allow you to write HTML5 desktop apps that directly interface with node.js application code, or tint2, which is more of an extension of node.js which bridges with native desktop APIs.
Jeremiah Senkpiel
Nov 07 2014 14:33

yeah, and existing browser engine is amuh better GUI than we’d be able to just implement.

Keep in mind that node is primarily a javascript I/O layer, so that should probably stay out of core itself. :)