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Dec 2014
Garth Kidd
Dec 08 2014 21:03
Anyone got a TL;DR of what happened with Node/io.js? Did the Joyent-driven governance smell too much like Dept. of Change Prevention to those invited?
Matt Hernandez
Dec 08 2014 21:04
Isaac has a real nice writeup about it
Garth Kidd
Dec 08 2014 21:05
I hope @dshaw, @rvagg et al herd all concerned into a NodeUp episode ASAP.
Gary Katsevman
Dec 08 2014 22:36
the changelog also wanted to get a podcast up
Garth Kidd
Dec 08 2014 22:54
Debian/Devuan, also? FFS. Two major deps with communities forking.