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Aug 2017
Aug 25 2017 07:23
Thank you for the quick response. I just tried it out and was able to get the event on the server node ( addressSpace.findNode("Server") ) that notifies me about the changes in the addressSpace. Is there a chance i can only subscribe for the changes below one node,so i dont have to filter manually. Or are there any filter option for these events? This is how i can subscribe for these changes on the serverSide. So may i just ask what you suggest to publish these information to any/all clients?
Thank you in advance for your effort.
Aug 25 2017 08:56
Ok. I just realized: as i have to make the node a versionable node i can simply subscribe for the change of the node-version. In the OnChanged Handler of the node version i can rebrowse the node-references and find the new child-nodes.
Aug 25 2017 09:40
You found the answer !