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Nov 2017
Nov 01 2017 14:14
Thanks for the code how do you specify that the parent is an Object Type if i create an ObjectType and use that as a parent it does not work
what I want to do is this:
//Object type
var myObjectTypes = addressSpace.addObjectType({
    browseName: "myObjectTypes"
//Sub Object type 
var myObjectType1 = addressSpace.addObjectType({
    subtypeOf: myObjectTypes,
    browseName: "ObjectType1"

//add folder to sub object type
addressSpace.addFolder(myObjectType1, {
    browseName: "STATUS"

//or the folder-manipulator

//add variables to STATUS..
Nov 01 2017 16:31
Correct me if I am wrong but I think in opcua objects can not contain folders.