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    Hi @svillagracia currently it is on halt. But we are planning to release the next version in the future. But it will take some time because of our busy schedules.
    Dinesh Lamsal
    Hello guys how have you been doing?
    We have come up with the latest release of the Nodebeats v 3.0.
    -> upgraded to angular 5
    -> new UI design
    -> node dependencies upgraded
    -> unit tests for functionality check implemented-> reactive forms
    Please give us feed on it we are very soon coming with the next big release :)
    @svillagracia yeah of course :) check out the latest release :)
    lakshya joshi
    Can you please provide a documentation for NodeBeats, I am unable to use it.
    Astha Sharma
    Hello @lakshya_joshi_gitlab, documentation for NodeBeats is available at Scroll a little longer to find it inside installation :)
    hi! all
    iam new to use cms
    Dinesh Lamsal
    hello raju :)
    please follow documentation and if you have any confusion :-) you can share here... we will help you :)
    Dinesh Lamsal
    app,js - require (bcryptjs) instead of bcrypt
    @nodebeats_user_twitter dont npm install globally, the angular cli, rather do update the angular cli, and install globally npm i npm-install-missing
    Astha Sharma
    Find out whats new on
    Nodebeats V 3.1 -Opens Source CMS on MEAN Stack.
    Github source :
    Please Try it and give us feedback
    ´┐╝We need support from the community to furthermore develop this open source project.
    Thanks in advance.
    i am facing some issues in production build http://localhost:4005/admin its not working as per your document
    Yes, for me too. Im able to access the landing page through http://localhost:4005 but when I try http://localhost:3005 or http://localhost:3005/admin as documented, it is not working
    can someone here help us understand why it is not working or is there a way we can make it work?
    Abhishek Shrestha
    @AnandanRajkumar in order to access the admin page you need to start the server using "NODE_ENV=production npm start" in the root directory and type in localhost:3005/admin
    in your browser
    @gowtham-s i guess your problem is solved

    Hi, I am trying to run the cms in prod. Following the instructions on the github page. However, http://localhost:4005/login is not working.

    ERROR Error: Uncaught (in promise): Error: Cannot match any routes. URL Segment: 'login'
    Error: Cannot match any routes. URL Segment: 'login'

    Also, in development, when i try to login to the dashboard, I get invalid credentials error using:
    username: superadmin
    password: testpassword123
    Hi. Have installed, but cannot login to the admin account in developer mode install. I notice our MongoDB only has 2 tables does this sound correct? Thx
    I am looking at this application, can someone point out how much work would it be to replace login page to social login?
    Hey i am not able to login using cred: superadmin/superadmin123..
    This is mentioned in application.config.js file..
    I am running it in admin dev mode
    Can anyone plz help me for successful login to nodebeats?