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hi can someone halp me with johnny five?
Hossam Samir
@kulagowskim ?
how i can control 64 LEDs?
with arduino and johnny five
i have led cube 4x4x4
Mohamed Elbaz
Hi guys so glad to find this community I want to learn about nodebots, Could any body advise me where should I start learning?, Giving any information will help ^^.
Donovan Buck
Hi @BeZoOo http://johnny-five.io is a great place to start. It’s specifically for Johnny-Five, but that’s really the best way to get started with nodebots of all flavors.
Mohamed Elbaz
thank you so much @dtex , and sorry for late replay
Good Morning to you all from Nepal. I am planning to make a automated irrigation system . Could anyone give me idea on about that please .
Lindsay Richman
If anyone is attending DevFest 2017 in New York on Sunday, December 3rd (https://www.eventbrite.com/e/devfest-nyc-2017-tickets-38803715959) and has or would like to create a NodeBots battle team, I'd be interested in signing up!
Shahar Dawn Or
I'm looking to make a custom PC human input device that will allow me to tilt my head to perform the peek action. Of course, it would be mounted on my head (probably on the headphones). It will simply generate two different keyboard keydown and keyup events (usually Q and E). So, I guess that the feature I'm looking for is a USB tethered device with either an integral gyroscope or a gyroscope extension thingy. Additionally, it would be great if I could program the device to act as a standard USB keyboard (USBHID?). Would you recommend some hardware for this, please?
Marcello Barile
@mightyiam have a look at the GrovePi+ project by DexterIndustries (https://www.dexterindustries.com/grovepi/)
if you don't like the RPi solution, you can easily achieve the same goal with Arduino
Shahar Dawn Or
@marcellobarile that seems overkill.
Can anyone recommend something more lean? Perhaps an Arduino and a simple gyro module?
@kulagowskim to build something interesting on 4x4x4 led cube I recommend You to use http://dkobozev.github.io/webgl/led_cube/ library. johnnyfive.io use for controlling hardware, best is just to do it yourself, You will have lots of fun, its super easy with johnny five library
is it better to build robots using node than c/c++ language?
Donovan Buck

Not better, different. It really depends on what you are trying to accomplish. Doing it in node.js will get you to a working prototype much more quickly and if you already know javascript there is no better way to learn about hardware. If you are building a product that you’re going to sell, it’s unlikely that you would build it in node.js. The stack requires more horsepower than just writing code in C (or whatever) for a microcontroller, so using node would likely drive up your cost per unit to the point where you’d significantly cut into your profits (or not be able to be competitive).

There are many things that you might want to do that node.js just makes easier and you’ve got all of the modules in npm to build upon which really opens up a big wide world.

alguien de sudamerica?
soy de perú y desearia hacer un nodebotsday Perú.
Damian Montero
When will the 2018 NodeBot Days be happening.
I may have sponsors for Miami's NodeBot Days event and they want to know a day.
Luis Montes
its usually some time in July
Damian Montero
Thank you Luis.
Do you know how it's decided (or where or who we have to "listen to")
Luis Montes
@thedamian you'll want to watch this repo: https://github.com/nodebots/nodebotsday
actually around this time is when someone should open an issue to get the conversation started :)
Damian Montero
Let's get 2018 started.
PR with a suggested date and all the changes to get 2018 started
Luis Montes
Hannan A.
we're planning a NodeBots meetup here in Pakistan (Asia).
Currently, we're doing bootcamps and workshops to promote free & open-source technologies
Now going to start NodeBots meetup! :+1:
Hannan A.
should I just send a PR?
Hannan A.
Done! :)
When is the nodebots day?
Hannan A.
July 28th
Loganathan Velsamy
Is there any official approval required to start Nodebots meetups?
We're from India (Asia)
Hannan A.
No such approval is required. You just need to comply with the NodeBots Guidelines http://nodebots.io/conduct.html
Its better to create an issue on GitHub.
Loganathan Velsamy
@HannanAkbar Thanks!
Christopher Aldave
Hi, anyone is from Peru? I am interested on celebrate Nodebot day here in Lima but wanna know if there is another people interested too. Also, if there is any problem if we do it a week bafore o after because 29th is a patriot festives here so no many people can join us.
28th sorry*
Daniel Muñoz
Is there a way to get the status of an arduino? For example, how can I query whether an led is on or not?
David Llaca M
@LostLucidity try led.status()
Edycar Reyes
Why aren't you start in Nicaragua? Only for Guatemala in all C.A
Travis Martin
does anyone have any experience working with the "CD74HC4067" expander??
Oscar Alvarado
Hello all! Quick question: is j5 compatible with the new arduino nano 33 ble? Thanks in advance!