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Jun 2015
Tierney Cyren
Jun 06 2015 19:20
I'd like to brainstorm a little bit with you guys. What do you think the Evangelism WG should do, moving forward?
Giovanny Gongora
Jun 06 2015 21:50
moving forward to what? relation with Node Foundation? or not stopping the work we had doing until now?
Tierney Cyren
Jun 06 2015 21:53
AFAIK we are the Node Foundation. At least, one part of it. Again, AFAIK, we're going to continue on doing what we've been doing, under a different name.
That's my understanding of it, but there's this other responsibility of taking over the Node evangelism that has gone largely unspoken. It seems like we're adding something to the work that we were already doing, and I don't know if anyone's put that into words - that's what I was aiming at with my first comment.