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Found this which worked really well npm install -g qckwinsvc,
Michael Carleton

I'm trying to port this js to java

if (cells[i0] & W && distance[i1 = i0 - 1] === undefined) distance[i1] = d, frontier1.push(i1);

i1 is reassigned during the array reference -- what does the value of i1 in distance[i1] take?
the new val or old val?
Cells[i0] and W are both numbers, so "cells[i0] & W" performs a bitwise AND, then the "&&" evaluates the truthy of this, where only the number 1 is true -- is this correct?

Covenant Simon
Hi am fairly new to nodejs and am currently working on a project
Shekhar Ramola
how do I fix this error?
I kept getting this when running a function
it is a huge operation I am doing
there are a lot of records which i am saving in the data base
Rob Simpson
Hello everyone. This is my first time in here. Wanted to say hi
Erik Kralj
Hello everyone
G. Szabi
Yousef Amar
Hi all from Matrix!
Hi everyone!
Can anyone help me? Does anyone know how to set the hash of a crypto.Hash object?
I have a sha256 hex string as input and need to convert it into such object
Greetings from the Matrix 😀
Yes hello! Tank cut the hard line and here we all are
Jakub Barczyk
I've written a short poem for all the Node people out there... ehm!
Matrix is green and so is Node
I can't express how I love to code!

Guilherme C. Souza

Hi, everyone! I don't mean to annoy you. Would you help me answering a few (9) simple questions about your dev env setup?
Very much appreciated!

Also, let me know if by any chance this is agains the rules.

Rajpal Chauhan

Hi All,

Can someone please help me to write a synchronized function in Node.

What I want, when multiple request trying to access same function it should be locked for one until the data has not been processed within that function.

Here is the my code:

You should use the callback function to do that
Rajpal Chauhan
Hi @NikitaBazhenovb,
Nope it is not in that case too
um, could you please let me know more correctly?
in my case , it works using callback function
First, you need to make callback function and in it, you should use the functions.
Rajpal Chauhan
const updateData = async (index: number): Promise<void> => {
const currentVersion = await getCurrentVersion();
const latestVersion = currentVersion + 1;
const s3FileName = "file_" + latestVersion + ".pdf";
const seResult = await uploadFileToS3(currentVersion, s3FileName);
console.log("S3 Result", seResult)
console.log("RequestNumber: ", index, ", LastVersion: ", currentVersion, ", LatestVersion: ", latestVersion);
app.get('/test', makecallback(controller)
and in controller you should define the response code.
Rajpal Chauhan
Ahhh, I hear you
does that make sense?
Rajpal Chauhan
Let me check and back to you
Rajpal Chauhan
@NikitaBazhenovb Thanks for your help
Rajpal Chauhan

Hi @NikitaBazhenovb,
Can you please gimme a example please.

I'm little bit confused how to use it.

yeah,,, could you let me know your source project?
Rajpal Chauhan
Yes, sent you in private chat

Hi,i am trying to get only those emails which are received as email reply send by my system.for more specific i am sending email with attachment .and receiver replies to that email with attachment.

I want history of email in my system which shows which attachment is received against which email. for example if i have send email to pearson B.Pearson B will reply to that email.i want history of this.
I am able to send and receive email.But the issue is that i am getting all email fetched betwwen a and b(I want only those email which is send as reply of particular email).Below i gave given code to fetch email.

var mailListener = new MailListener({
              username: "******",
              password: "******",
              host: "imap-mail.outlook.com",
              port: 993, // imap port
              tls: true,
              connTimeout: 10000, // Default by node-imap
              authTimeout: 5000, // Default by node-imap,
              tlsOptions: { rejectUnauthorized: false },
              mailbox: "INBOX", // mailbox to monitor
              searchFilter: [ 'UNSEEN', ['FROM', req.params.email] ], // the search filter being used after an IDLE notification has been retrieved , 
              markSeen: false, // all fetched email willbe marked as seen and not fetched next time
              fetchUnreadOnStart: true, // use it only if you want to get all unread email on lib start. Default is `false`,
              mailParserOptions: {streamAttachments: true}, // options to be passed to mailParser lib.
              attachments: true, // download attachments as they are encountered to the project directory
              attachmentOptions: { directory: "attachments/" } // specify a download directory for attachments


        mailListener.on("server:connected", function(){

        mailListener.on("error", function(err){

        mailListener.on("mail", function(mail, seqno, attributes){
            let attachments = [];
            var attachment = mail.attachments;
            if(attachment) {
                for(var i = 0, len = attachment.length; i < len; ++i){
            passDatatoPage(mail, attachments);

        mailListener.on("attachment", function(attachment){
            let filepath = './public/attachment/receive/';
            let output = fs.createWriteStream(filepath + attachment.fileName);
            attachment.stream.pipe(output).on("end", function () {
                console.log("All the data in the file has been read");
            }).on("close", function (err) {
                console.log("Stream has been cloesd.");

        function passDatatoPage(mail, attachments) {
            var sender = mail.to[0].address;
            var senderName = mail.from[0].name;
            var reciver = mail.from[0].address;
            const date = moment(mail.date).format('LL');
            var subject = mail.subject;
            var message = mail.text;
            var result = attachments.map(function(val) {
                return val;
            var attachmentArr = result.split(',');
            res.render('email-reply', { title: 'Email Reply', to: sender, senderName: senderName, from: reciver, date: date, subject: subject, msg: message, attachments: attachmentArr});


May I know what is wrong with my code? please provide possible solution in this code or provide way how i achive my task. Thanks in advance.

2 replies

I have a very (?) strange issue here.
If I do:

var buf = Buffer.from('fhqwhgads', 'utf8');
console.log("Testing: " + buf)

I get: Testing: fhqwhgads
while, if I do:

console.log(Buffer.from('fhqwhgads', 'utf8'));

then I get the correct output: <Buffer 66 68 71 77 68 67 61 64 73>

Any ideas?

@GeorgePals: What gives buf.toString()? Because that is what you propably get when concenating with string

@GeorgePals: What gives buf.toString()? Because that is what you propably get when concenating with string

Hello Tim,

var buf = Buffer.from('fhqwhgads', 'utf8');
console.log("Testing: " + buf.toString())

Output: Testing: fhqwhgads

Am I missing something?

4 replies
Hello guys,
Anybody here is familiar with Vue js ?
I am using Materialize css, I ve imported it, but it seems it has no impact
Hello guys
I want clear node.js history, but I tried Alt+F7 and .clear, but they all not work. What should I do if I want to clear its history?