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Suchitra Giri
@snxraven:matrix-linux.cloud where should I write
RUN npm install mongoose
npm install mongoose
Oops lol
That might help some. On my way to lunch break. Bbl
You are welcome, I am glad you got the package installed. You will want to do some reading on Dockerfiles vs Docker Compose and how to use them, the link I provided above gives a bit of a run down for that process. I wish you luck with your development :)
Does anyone know if node team will eventually move to using Rust language?
They are completely different langs, that would not make any sense
anyone using the mysql package="@mysql/xdevapi": "^8.0.26" ?
trying to use the .getSession method to establish connection to locally running mysql db.. https://dev.mysql.com/doc/dev/connector-nodejs/8.0/tutorial-Connecting_to_a_Server.html
shell returns connect ECONNREFUSED
my module..
const MySql = require("@mysql/xdevapi"); 

const config = {
    password: '...',
    user: 'root',
    host: 'localhost',
    port: 33060

    .then(session => {
    .catch(err => {
locally running MySQL Community Server 8.0.26 on macOS
Firewall is off
just tried.. MySql.getSession('http://localhost:33060?ssl-mode=DISABLED') because didn't configure local mysql to use ssl/tls but same ECONNREFUSED
Htc Saj
How to get notifications when someone post something new on Reddit, and how to scrape that new posts. I scrappe data and I can scrape data from current posts on pages like Reddit
John Melody Me

Hey guys I use cheerio to scrape this table but it return nothing. Did I somehow did wrong ?

<table class="table trackTable">
                                <th colspan="4">Consignment No: MY37011088606</th>
                            <th>Consignment No</th>
                            <th>Date &amp; Time</th>
                                    <td>03/07/2020 14:58:43</td>



and my code was

$ = cheerio.load(response['data']);


            $('.table#trackTable').each((index, element) => {
                if (index === 0) return (true);


Any idea ? is the naming of the selctor wrong?

in the browser i did

$(".table > tbody:nth-child(2)").each(function(i,item) { console.log(item.innerText) });

and it return something , but cheerio doesn't

Jordan Harband
table is a tag, not a class, i assue
you want table not .table
altho i see your table has a table class (which is bizarre) so maybe that should work
trackTable is also a class, not an ID.
so .table.trackTable not .table#trackTable
John Melody Me
I see
Actually I solved it already
Thanks tho
MERN Micro Framework

Hello Everyone, MERN Stack Boilerplate provides starter kits for building web, desktop and mobile apps in pure JavaScript.


If you have any query or suggestions. Please let me know.

How to develope a site with backend within 1 hour ???
3 replies
Jordan Harband
you can't
there is a lot of videos in Youtube about how to create MERN within 1h :)
Salathiel Genèse
Which is part of the problem in the industry
Jordan Harband
especially since the M in there is a terrible choice
Salathiel Genèse
Jordan Harband
postgres is a better json document store than mongo, even. mongo's garbage.
It's not so difficult to create a (bad) site, but I think if once I'll create a useful website that people would like :)
Ali Bulut
I made a mern project. I deployed backend heroku. I am logging in with passport js. It works locally but not live. It looks like it cannot find cookies for api queries after login. what could be the problem
Vineet Srivastav
Cors issue because of domains ^
Maybe Try changing secure cookie settings
salah alhashmi
support me by adding star to my volder npm package:

Good morning guys!
Can you please help me with the following challenge ? I've created a form where I am basing the validation on the html attribute. Can anyone help me move the validation to JS file ?


@SalathielGenese Can you please help me with the email validation ?
Salathiel Genèse
No, sorry
Jason Williams
hey folks. Was looking for some guidance on nodeJS. i just started to dig into nodejs, and want to build a small app that would basically capture request headers that come in, and then basically respond back with some response headers. I am looking for some pointers on where to look for that. I appreciate the help.
1 reply
Jordan Harband
surely you mean next, not nest?