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  • Jun 02 06:16
    @ljharb banned @frank-dspeed
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  • Feb 24 2016 08:26
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Anuj Tewari
sorry the code in confidential but will try some alternative way to provide it
Armando Padilla
Anuj Tewari
It doesn't happen always but sometimes. We have a high rps coming to our app
Armando Padilla
right but a request somehow combining with another request? that has to be something in the code thats causing this. never seen it.
Anuj Tewari
from client logs I see two request coming to us but my app logger shows the merged request
the code is just a small part of capture where I see the issue
Hope this helps
@armandopadilla ^
Charles J Perry
Good Afternoon all, I am currently writing a script in Nodejs to download zip files from an aws S3 account. I can only get my code to read the contents of the folder I am pulling from. But, I need the code to actually download the file onto my machine, as well as extract the content. Any help would be great and much appreciated. Here is what I have so far codewise:
import * as aws from 'aws-sdk';

const accessKey = '~~******************~~';
const secretKey = '~~******************~~';

let s3 = new aws.S3({accessKeyId: accessKey, secretAccessKey: secretKey});
const s3Unzip = require("s3-unzip");

// construct getParam
var getParams = {
    Bucket: 'karsun-demo', 
    Key: 'zip1/original (1).zip' // replace file location with your s3 file location

//Fetch or read data from aws s3
s3.getObject(getParams, function (err, data) {

    if (err) {
    } else {
        console.log(data.Body.toString()); //this will log data to console

Corey Lewis
Hello everyone, I have a project (I'm not able to restructure it) where the lead decided to put a create-react-app nested inside another project; so root package.json and the react app dir has a package.json
we were running into all sorts of issues because the tests are running from the root dir, on the react stuff, and there's two installs of react, so I used npm link to use only the root react deps and put in a post install to setup the link but it feels hacky
anyone have any advice for or against using link like this?
Mahesh Kasodhan
CONNECTED_STRIPE_ACCOUNT_ID anyone help me how i connect two stripe account
Hi, is irhydra still working for deoptimization analysis?
hi guys :wave:
i've created a retrospective app for your scrum agile team!
it's live now
Salathiel Genèse

@borriej - I like it... I will send it to our Scrum Master at Accenture

Thank you Rob

@SalathielGenese thank you very much, great to hear!! :D
David Yashgur
hey i have an architecture question
anyone know where i can go for some guidance?
Charles J Perry
Hello all, I have a question regarding zip files. Can anyone tell me how I can take a zip file and extract all the contents into a directory on my local computer? Thanks
Anuj Tewari
@here what is the recommeded way to do something like tcpdump for a node app?
ishu mishra
Hi Folks,
i am trying to solve binary search problem so i got this code
function binarySearch(array,target,start,end){
     // If the target is less then the very last item then insert it at that item index
     // because anything index less then that has already been confirmed to be less then the target.
     // Otherwise insert it at that item index + 1
     // because any index grater then that has already been confirmed to be greater then the target
    if(start>end) return start;
    const midPoint=Math.floor((start+end)/2);
if(array[midPoint]==target) return midPoint;  
// search the left side
if(array[midPoint]>target) return binarySearch(array,target,start,midPoint-1);

// search the right side

if(array[midPoint]<target) return binarySearch(array,target,midPoint+1,end);
but i am not getting why its taken if(start>end) return start ??
Steins Gate
Hi Node Community, I am having an issue where I tried to add a member as a collaborator to an npm package and the CLI shows that it successfully added the person. But when I type npm owner ls <package_name> I do not see that member as an owner
I have one question, can i use Object.assign() to update field in database?
Why can't the parent process receive messages from the child process?
console.log(parent process) shows that the message event processing function exists:
_events: [Object: null prototype] {
newListener: [Function: startListeningIfSignal],
removeListener: [Function: stopListeningIfSignal],
warning: [Function: onWarning],
SIGWINCH: [ [Function], [Function] ],
exit: [Function],
message: [Function],
SIGINT: [Function]
Francisco Robles Martín
Hello! Do you know what type of repository is the one where NodeJS are stored?
anyone here who has worked with firebase admin to verifyToken at node js
mobile authentication is implemented at app side i just want to verify at node js and provide access to routes
Jordan Harband
@froblesmartin no type, it's just a folder full of files
hi guys :wave:
im kinda stuck on a file download over my API
can someone explain this?

i have csv2json

where i do

        const csv = json2csv(
          filtered, {


and in my front-end i do

  dataToCsv(res: any): void {
    const newWindow =;
    const blob = new Blob([res], { type: 'text/csv' });
    const url = window.URL.createObjectURL(blob);
    newWindow.location.href = url;

this works :)
how do i download an excel?
Im trying the same method for
but its not returning the correct type i guess
do i need to create a blob?
or how do you download files over api? i cant just do
Mayank Aggarwal

Hey guys,

Created a clone of stackoverflow on a MERN stack and recently I have documented it as well.
Will appreciate if you could take a look at it

Open to any kind of suggestions

Parallel-File-Sharing, github link, please star if you find it interesting